Legion TD 2 vs. Legion TD vs. Squadron TD

Legion TD 2 is the spiritual successor to Legion TD and Squadron TD.

Legion TD 2 Legion TD Squadron TD
Release Date November 20, 2017 July 2009 March 2011
Play it on Steam Warcraft III StarCraft II
Game Type Standalone Mod Mod
Creators Lisk & Jules Lisk Tsjnsn, Kelson
Inspired By Legion TD First of its genre Legion TD
Avg. Game Time 25 min 35 min 35 min
New Content Weekly Yearly Yearly
Matchmaking Yes No No
Profiles & Stat-tracking Yes No No
Progression System Yes No Yes (basic)
Leaderboards Yes No No
Practice against AI Yes No No
Reconnect Yes No No
Anti-Leaver/AFK Yes No No
Anti-Intentional Loser Yes No No
Middle-building/Crossing Yes (balanced) Yes (imbalanced) No
King Control Automatic Manual Manual