After each game, you'll gain experience points (XP) which level up your account. With each level, you'll receive an enchantment point to unlock a passive enchantment to boost your legion.

Mastermind mode. In mastermind mode, you'll be dealt a hand of fighters you can build, rather than picking your own, which means you must think on your feet to plan out your strategy. Mastermind mode is the same as "prophet" mode for those of you who have played the original Legion TD.

Exclusive profile icons. You'll unlock exclusive profile icons that will distinguish the casual players from the dedicated ones, and the dedicated ones from the truly hardcore.


You'll also be able to deck out your characters with new skins and effects. Skins and effects are cosmetic only, meaning that they provide no extra combat advantages or stats.

More to come

The Legion TD 2 ecosystem is still in the design phase. Game client screenshots and more details will be announced in the future.