Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legion TD 2?

Legion TD 2 is the first competitive tower defense for PC. It's the standalone successor to the popular Warcraft III mod, Legion TD, and brought to you by the same team.

What is gameplay like?

Legion TD 2 is like a tower defense, but instead of building towers, players deploy dynamic fighters that come to life. The game is played by two teams of four players on a symmetric playing field. Players defend their own lane against waves of enemy creatures that threaten their team’s king. The team whose king survives longer, wins. From start to finish, a match lasts around 20 minutes

What platforms will Legion TD 2 be available on?

Legion TD 2 is a PC game that will be playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game is distributed on Steam.

What are differences from the original mod?

Imagine the mod as a standalone game with all the modern goodies: matchmaking, partying with friends, ladders, achievements, reconnecting, player profiles, and stat-tracking.

It has the same core gameplay as the classic Legion TD with newly designed characters, a new map layout, a new world to explore, and frequent content and balance updates.

Who is the team behind Legion TD 2?

Legion TD 2 is being developed by AutoAttack Games, which is made up of the same team that created the original Legion TD for Warcraft III.

Will there be more legions?

Yes! The game is launching in beta with four playable legions, but more will be released overtime. We have plans for at least ten legions.

Is Legion TD 2 pay-to-win?

No. Money cannot purchase anything that gives a gameplay advantage.

What are the system requirements?

While it's too early to determine the exact system requirements, Legion TD 2 is being designed to be playable on most computers.