Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Legion TD 2?

Multiplayer strategy game for PC/Mac/Linux. It's the official standalone sequel to Legion TD, a Warcraft III mod, and the most played tower defense in the world.

What is gameplay like?

Legion TD 2 is a session-based game, played by two opposing teams of 4 players each. Each player builds AI-controlled fighters to defend against waves of creatures that threaten the team's king. The team whose king dies first, loses.

Players collaborate with each other to cover each others' weak spots. Players also hire mercenaries that the opposing team must defeat on top of the waves of creatures.

From start to finish, a Legion TD 2 match lasts an average of 25-30 minutes.

Why do people love Legion TD?

It's impossible to master, yet easy and fun to learn.

Legion has a history of organized prize-pool tournaments around the world. Play Legion TD a thousand times, and you'll still have more to learn. And yet, as a TD, the gameplay is casual and kid-friendly.

What are differences from the original mod?

New gameplay. Centralized game server, with all the modern goodies: reconnecting, partying with friends. Intelligent matchmaking for competitive play.

All new characters, a new world to explore, and consistent new content and balancing, all built on a brand new game engine.

When is the game coming out?

Early 2017.

Who is the team behind Legion TD 2?

Legion TD 2 is being developed by AutoAttack Games, Inc. a game studio in northern California, founded by Lisk, the creator of the original Legion TD.

Will there be a single player/campaign?

While it is technically possible, we aren’t planning to support LAN/offline play, because it would draw focus away from the core game. The vast majority of players are interested in online play, so we want to focus on delivering the best online experience possible.

There will, however, be a co-op mode where you can face off against bots. This mode is meant for players new to the game.

Will there be more playable legions?

Yes! The team already has 10 legions designed and counting. The more money we are able to raise, the more legions we will be able to create.

Four playable legions will be available when the beta goes live: Element, Forsaken, Grove, and Mech. These four resemble the original four from the original Legion TD. Subsequent legions will be a mix of familiar faces and new ones.

Is the information in the Game Guide final?

Far from it! The information in the game guide is temporary, and just hopes to showcase some new ideas. Most of the stats and abilities will be changed as the game gets closer to beta.

Is Legion TD 2 pay-to-win?

No. Money can purchase cosmetic items, but nothing that gives a player any advantage in gameplay.

What are the system requirements?

While it's too early to determine the exact system requirements, Legion TD 2 is being designed to be playable on most computers.

How will Legion TD 2 be distributed?

Legion TD 2 will be available via Steam. Legion TD 2 on Steam Greenlight.