Harbinger 200 2

Upgraded Tier-3 fighter
Tanky melee fighter that stuns enemies
Atk. Power
Atk. Speed
200 (Hover)
100 (Melee)
Gold Cost
300 (100 + 200)
Impact Damage
Fortified Defense
Summon Chaos Pack
Summons 3 Chaos Hounds
Crushing Blow
Each attack has a 20% chance to stun its target for 1 second


A Harbinger is a formidable, towering fighter, dressed in heavy metal armor. Its skull protrudes from its suit of armor, along with an ominous red aura. It is likely that the heat from within its armor generates this energy.|n|nA Harbinger’s hands must be large to grip and wield its massively oversized axe. They rarely swing their axe because it takes a significant amount of effort. Even for a creature as strong as a Harbinger, the size and weight of its axe cannot be overstated. It has been fabled that the swing of a Harbinger’s axe can shake the ground.|n|nWhile rarely found in the Forsaken Forest, Harbingers have built a reputation for being skilled fighters. Most wouldn’t dare to challenge one to a duel, and even hordes of enemies are matched by the might of the Harbinger.