Explore the basics of Legion TD 2.

What is Legion TD 2?

Legion TD 2 is a multiplayer game for PC that will be available on Steam. It's a standalone game from the team that made the classic Legion TD mod.

  • First ever 4v4 competitive TD for PC.
  • Same core gameplay as the classic Legion TD mod.
  • Features a fantasy sci-fi world with 80+ unique characters.
  • Brand new map layout & gameplay
You are a legion commander!

Your king is counting on you. Deploy fighters in your lane to stop enemy creatures from killing your king.

Like football or basketball, Legion TD 2 is played in matches. Each match is typically played by two teams of four players. The team whose king survives longer, wins the match. From start to finish, a match lasts about 25 minutes.

Game Overview

A Legion TD 2 match takes place on a symmetric playing field, each side consisting of four lanes and a throne room. The match plays out over consecutive rounds of enemy attacks until either team's king is defeated.

Before each round, deploy fighters and upgrade existing ones in your lane.

At the beginning of each round, enemies appear from spawn points, then travel through lanes. Lanes then merge into a shared corridor which leads to the bridge. At the end of the bridge is the throne room where the king stands.

It's up to your fighters to stop the creatures from advancing!

When all creatures are defeated, the round ends. Your fighters are restored to their original formation, and you receive gold for completing the round. It's now time to prepare for the next round!

Build your legion

Nova is inhabited by numerous species; it's up to you to turn them into a legion.

Your fighters come to life

Each round, your fighters move, attack, and cast spells automatically as they battle against enemy creatures!

The outcome of the battle depends on which fighters you've chosen to deploy and the formation in which you've arranged them.

Your formation matters. Each round, your fighters attack in the same formation. You can't rearrange your formation, so plan ahead. A basic rule of thumb is to deploy beefy tanks in front and squishy DPS in the back.

Over 50 unique fighters

Each fighter is unique. Fighters vary in attack & defense types, meaning different fighters are effective against different types of enemies. Some fighters have special abilities like AOE spells, auras, and buffs & debuffs. Fighters also vary in cost; you get what you pay for.

Upgrade your fighters. Spend gold to upgrade a fighter into an advanced form, granting it more powerful stats & abilities.

Basic opening formations

Side Formation: Build your fighters on one side only.

Strength Your fighters will focus on the same targets.This makes them quickly eliminate targets, rather than weakening multiple ones.
Weakness Enemies can surround you on three sides. Also, there’s little room for expansion.
Overall A highly gold-efficient build, strong early, but can be tough to transition into late game. Good for aggressive strategies.

V Formation: Build your fighters spanning the lane in a V layout.

Strength By making a "wall," it’s harder for enemies to surround you. You also have a lot of room for expansion,such as putting some ranged DPS behind, or tanks in front.
Weakness Your fighters will tend to focus different targets,spreading out your damage. This may lead to weakning many targets, but killing only a few.
Overall An overall balanced formation.

Power Formation: Build a single expensive fighter, rather than many cheap ones.

Strength Plenty of room for expansion.
Weakness Expensive fighters tend to be less gold-efficient than cheaper fighters, so you’ll need to be prepared to spend more gold to clear the same wave than if you massed cheap fighters. Additionally, you leave yourself open to being surrounded and focused.
Overall Low margin-of-error, but has the potential for an incredibly strong late-game. Good for defensive strategies.

Defeat waves of creatures

Creatures are the primary enemies your legion must face to defend the king. They are varied, relentless, and most of all, numerous...

20 unique creatures

Each round, a huge wave of creatures is spawned. It's up to your fighters to stop them.

Each creature is unique. Different creatures have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on their damage & defense types. An army of Rangers with piercing damage will perform poorly against Drill Golems with fortified armor.

Prepare ahead of time. While a round is in progress, you cannot upgrade or deploy new fighters. Only after the creatures are defeated can you do so. Each wave of creatures is stronger than the previous, so be prepared!

Watch the battle unfold

If enemies defeat your fighters, they are considered leaked. Leaked enemies advance through the corridor towards the king. Your king can defend himself, but be careful! If he dies, you lose the game.

If your fighters defeat the enemies, you have cleared the wave. After clearing a wave, your fighters warp to the bridge. Your fighters now defend against any leaked enemies from your teammates' lanes.

Try not to leak! Each enemy you defeat gives you gold; the stronger the enemy, the higher the gold bounty. Leaked enemies give reduced gold, so avoid leaking whenever possible.

Coordinate with your team. Weak against siege damage? Give your allies a heads-up, and one of them can build extra fighters to help catch your leaks. Be creative, because every match plays differently.

Hire mercenaries

Capable opponents will be able to defeat waves of creatures. That is, unless you hire mercenaries to sabotage them...

Hire mercenaries

Spend mythium to hire mercenaries at the barracks.

When you hire a mercenary, it will wait in your team's holding platform until the next round begins. When the next round begins, all your team's mercenaries are warped to attack the opposing team alongside the usual enemy creatures.

Spend gold to train workers at the town.

The more workers you have, the faster you'll acquire mythium. With a large amount of mythium, you'll be able to unleash devastating attacks. But be advised! The more gold you spend on workers, the less you'll have to spend on fighters.

16 unique mercenaries

Choosing the right mercenary to hire can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The right choice depends on the situation.

Each mercenary is unique. Mercenaries vary in attack & armor types, meaning different mercenaries are effective against different types of opposing fighters. Like fighters, some mercenaries have special abilities. Some mercenaries cost more mythium, but like anything in Legion TD 2, you get what you pay for.

Hiring mercenaries increases your income. When you hire a mercenary, it adds a permanent bonus to your income, which is the gold you receive at the end of each night.

Send coordinated attacks. Keep an eye on the holding platform. If your teammate decides to send attackers, consider backing them up with attackers of your own. Attacking in bursts can catch an opponent off-guard.

Protect the king

At the heart of each team's castle is the throne room, home of the king. If your king dies, you lose. But the king is not defenseless...

Use the king wisely

The king is a master of combat, and he can be relied upon to protect himself if some enemies make it past your legions. The king gets stronger as the game goes on, making him a powerful force throughout the game.

If the king dies, you lose the game. In addition, the opposing team steals gold for every creature that makes it into the throne room. So although the king is a capable fighter, you should only rely on him when necessary.