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March 1st, 2017

Happy March, everyone!

Legion TD 2 is officially starting signups for alpha testing: LegionTD2.com/alpha. Please only sign up if you're okay with bugs and interested in testing the game and providing feedback. Alpha keys will be sent out on a rolling basis - you will not receive an email immediately.

February Development Highlights


  • Added a 3D model viewer for each unit
  • Added special units, such as summons and Mech's Reactor
  • Updated ability descriptions and icons
  • Updated attack/defense type descriptions and icons
  • Updated statistics to reflect game balance changes
  • Finished implementing unit abilities
  • Fully integrated the game with Steam for patching
  • Built logic for animation and sound variation
  • Bug fixing and general game stability improvements
  • Continued work on matchmaking
  • All unit re-textures completed
  • All unit models completed
  • Rigged and animated 9 units
  • Made new icons for 20 units
  • All attack and defense type icons completed
  • Kickstarter and Founder's Edition skins completed
  • All unit sounds completed
  • Client and UI sounds completed

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