A Tale of Three Kings

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April 1st, 2017

Happy April, everyone!

Progress update: the game's models, animations, vfx, and sounds are done. Other than a few icons, all art assets have been completed. From a design and technical perspective, the game is multiplayer-playable. There are just some bugs and stability issues that need to be fixed before we can begin public alpha testing.

March Development Highlights


  • Completed design of Enchantments and Powerups
  • Continued iteration on game balance
  • Code refactor for matchmaking, friends, and parties
  • Bug fixing and general game stability improvements
  • Rigged and animated final 3 units
  • Made new icons for 20 units
  • Added icons for Enchantments and Powerups
  • Improved ability icons
  • Redesigned /r/LegionTD2 - shoutout to EpvpDani for the great work!
  • Updated unit icons and models
  • Updated ability icons and descriptions
  • Updated statistics to reflect game balance changes

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