Alpha Testing Begins

5/01/2017 Discuss on the forums
May 1st, 2017

Happy May, everyone!

If you'd like to help translate the game, check out We're starting to localize some important keywords and phrases for the game client.

April Development Highlights


  • Added custom game rooms; you can now host games and invite other players
  • General improvements to the game client, including a loading screen
  • Continued iteration on game balance
  • Updated all unit and ability tooltips
  • Bug fixing and general game improvements - See the Alpha Patch Notes
  • Implemented a Lobby server, which handles authentication (via Steam), custom game rooms, and will later support friends, parties, and matchmaking
  • Completed final unit icons
  • Animated various trees and vegetation around the map
  • Started working on new environment models and textures
  • Created new sounds for the client - shout-out to Sebastian 'Thimlife' Prem for the great work!
  • Reorganized and improved the forums; created an Alpha Feedback forum
  • Updated the game guide and added new images

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