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February 1st, 2017

Happy February, everyone!

Are you creative, proficient with CSS, and interested in helping develop or moderate the Legion TD 2 subreddit? If so, please email with an introduction and examples of your experience.


January Development Highlights


  • All units balanced (more alpha testing needed)
  • All unit abilities designed
  • Game client mostly completed
  • Friends and parties functionality completed
  • Matchmaking mostly completed
  • Improvements to unit pathing in progress
  • Re-concepted final 2 units
  • Modeled, rigged, and animated 4 units
  • Optimized and improved 39 unit models
  • Improved 23 unit animations
  • Re-textured 12 units
  • Finalized 44 ability icons
  • Made new icons for 27 units

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