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September 1st, 2016

Happy September, everyone!

Remember to sign up for the closed beta if you haven't already. We're limiting the number of people in the closed beta and also raffling out prizes to those that sign up, so earlier is better! Expected launch date is at the end of this year.

Recent Highlights

August was a busy month! Here’s what Lisk and I were up to:

  • Released the Forsaken legion
  • Working on 3D models and animations for the Forsaken legion
  • Working on 2D concept art for the Mech legion
  • Designing a new HUD and implementing a new HUD framework
  • Converting gameplay systems from singleplayer to server-client multiplayer (continued) (this month we completed fog of war, hiring/training units, and UI)
  • Streamlining build systems, so that without touching any server or client code, you can preplace units, define regions, and write triggers.
  • Starting the groundwork for game data API for community developers

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