Legion TD vs. Legion TD 2

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March 18th, 2016

Cheers from the Game Developer Conference (GDC) at San Francisco! We’re meeting game developers from Blizzard, Riot Games, Twitch, Amazon, and many more. And we’re telling them about Legion TD 2.

Today, we'd like to share about how Legion TD stacks up against Legion TD 2.

Recent Highlights

  • 3/17: We're meeting game devs from around the world at GDC!
  • 3/16: Trailer subtitles are now in Chinese.
  • 3/11: We made it! We reached our initial goal of 50K!
  • 3/11: Legion TD 2 has been Greenlit by Steam community!
  • 3/9: Thanks to all who participated in our Reddit AMA! Over 700 upvotes and 250+ comments!
  • 3/8: We’ve launched LegionTD2.com/chat

Next up: Character design, behind-the-scenes

We’ll share more about what goes into designing a character, including an extended version of the “Making of a King” clip featured in the trailer.

As a reminder, the project will stay open through March 31st so there’s plenty of time to tell a friend. Each individual backer makes a difference. All money raised goes directly toward the game.

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