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October 1st, 2016

Happy October, everyone!

Happy birthday to Lisk, who turned 26 yesterday! We went bowling to celebrate, but don't ask how many gutter balls he rolled. :p:p

If you want to give Lisk the best possible birthday present, sign up for the closed beta if you haven't already! Closed beta launches in a few months.

Recent Highlights

Here’s what Lisk and I were up to in September:

  • Completed 3D models and animations for the Forsaken legion
  • Completed concept art and began work on 3D models and animations for the Mech legion
  • Working on sound effects for the Grove legion
  • Redesigned the map layout and began in-game implementation
  • Continued designing and implementing the new HUD
  • Designing functional prototype of Lobby UI & Menu Screens
  • Starting backend code for profiles and matchmaking
  • Converting gameplay systems from singleplayer to server-client multiplayer (continued) (this month we completed pathing routes, towers turning into fighters, and mercenary warps)

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