v2.33: Eggsack, Hydra, New Legion Spell, Languages Options

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July 27th, 2018




50% Off Sale
Legion TD 2 will be 50% off starting July 30! This is a great opportunity to introduce your friends to the game.

Masters Cup II
37 teams signed up so far! Over $400 prize pool, and growing. Sign-up is free. See Masters Cup II thread for details.


Atlantean Update
Tier 5 (and unlocked Atlantean legion) coming Monday, August 6.

Team Summer Update
Lisk is getting married soon. See team summer update thread for details.

v2.33 Patch Notes

NEW! Translations

Thanks to contributions by the community, we’re excited to release Legion TD 2 into Russian, German, Spanish, Castilian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, and Dutch. Thank you to everyone who helped.

These are the first of many languages to come. Another 20 languages are in progress. If you’d like to contribute, check out our translation thread for details.

Translator Rewards

- In-game translator badge for significant contributors (will be distributed when your language is released)
- 200% card drop rates from July 27 - August 3

NEW! Atlantean Fighters


(T6) Eggsack
- Cost: 275 gold + 1 supply
- Movement type: None
- Health: 2000 (Natural)
- Damage: None
- Ability: Azurite Shell - Damages enemies that attack it for 10 + 5% damage taken as Pure damage
- Ability: Incubation - Hatches into a Hydra in 2 waves, or hatches prematurely if killed. If 2-waves premature, -40% damage and damage reduction. If 1-wave premature, -20% damage and damage reduction.

via Sketchfab


- Movement type: Ground
- Health: 2700 (Natural)
- Damage: 165 (Impact)
- Attack speed: 0.9
- Ability: Hydralings: Upon death, splits into 3 Hydralings

via Sketchfab


- Movement type: Ground
- Health: 900 (Natural)
- Damage: 55 (Impact)
- Attack speed: 0.9

via Sketchfab

Game Fixes

- Fixed a rare bug in attack-move code that would cause the server to silently crash late-game (possible index out of bounds when heavily throttled)

Pathing & Targeting
- Fixed a bug where ranged units would run too close at the start of a wave

Technical Details: "far-away" targets range increased to a flat amount, rather than acquisition range dependent - this means targets that are out of attack range but still somewhat near will be considered

Sea Serpent & Deepcoiler
- Now much less likely to run into the cave
- No longer affect the wave pathing while burrowing (They are now invulnerable at the start of the wave until they pop out)

- Fixed a bug where units that made it to the cave while the wave was still in progress (typically Sea Serpent and Deepcoiler) would get stuck in a loop (Units that make it to the cave while wave in progress will now warp to above the gate if the player hasn't cleared yet, instead of in the catch area below the gate)

4v4 Map
- Fixed a bug where player 4 and player 8 had fighters that appeared 'underground'
- Fixed a bug where deploying fighters in the mid regions caused them to be invisible and not appear on the scoreboard

Catch Area
- Moved down a bit, to prevent units from being aggroed across the gate (and teleporting repeatedly)

Lobby Updates

Reconnection 2.0
- Improved reliability of tracking games in progress, which should fix a lot of cases where you couldn’t reconnect to a game

Technical Details: Rewrote unified data structure for storing game in progress data, and decoupled it from ActiveGames API call which is not always up-to-date

Global Chat
- Now shows all players, including those who are in-game. Players in-game will be grayed out.

Player Data Updates
- Fixed some cases where outdated data was used/shown (User data is now cached immediately whenever it is written to the backend)

Custom Games
- Removed "-reroll" command, since you can already reroll normally

Friends List Optimization
- Removed taglines from friends list (unfortunately this is a performance bottleneck, so we will likely keep it disabled for now)
- Significantly improved performance (mostly noticeable on backend, not really noticeable for players)
- This should fix some rare miscellaneous bugs that result from server load, such as ratings occasionally not being updated after a game

Technical Details: Replaced instances of GetPlayerCombinedInfo with GetPlayerProfile whenever possible, especially in Friends List. Also only pulls statistics when needed, such as viewing a profile or in loading screen. This should reduce backend load considerably, since GetPlayerProfile scrapes way less data.

Game Updates

Bot Guidance: Mercenary Pings
- Now you can ping a mercenary (right click) to tell your bot to prefer sending that mercenary
- It only considers your most recently pinged mercenary
- It clears the ping each wave after mercenaries are warped
- More improvements/commands to come in the future

- Now smarter about when to deploy certain fighters, including Bone Crusher

Game Interface

All Menus
- Improved responsiveness of various menus when alt+tabbing (MouseOver/MouseLeave events are now forced when application focuses/unfocuses). This should make it less likely to accidentally select the wrong Legion, for example.

Chat Mutes
- Your mutes are now saved between sessions
- You can find your mute list in your game files (Config/Mutes.txt)

New Interface Option: Show All Ratings
- Turn on to show all rating changes in the loading screen & post-game stats. Off by default.

Text Commands
- "-rolls" now shows icons as well as initial rolls

Healing Text
- Added small green healing text when a unit heals due to lifesteal. Lifesteal now feels even better!

- Added "-clientbug" command for reporting a bug with the client (this will upload your logs) *WARNING* This has been known to freeze some people's computers!
- Improved server teardown logging to help debug rare cases where backend pushes (stat/profile updates) failed at the end of the game

Minor Fixes
- Chat Window Focus: Chat window no longer requires an extra click to close, when clicking something outside the chat window
- Advanced Camera: Fixed a bug where advanced camera hotkeys (Home, End, Delete) would accidentally work even while chatting
- Team Chat: Fixed a bug where allied game chat would appear twice in your Team Chat while you were selecting a legion
- King HP: Now rounds up, since it looked weird to have king HP at 0% when it wasn't dead
- Localization: Fixed some miscellaneous text bugs


- Now much faster for solos and duos rated <1200

“The Button”
- Fast matchmaking via “the button” is now available for solos and duos rated 1500+, instead of 1600+

Duo penalty
- Duo penalty for teams with large differences in ratings (e.g. an 1700 duo’d with a 1200)
-- Decreased for teams in which the highest rated member of the duo is <2000 rating (the penalty was too punishing for most teams)
-- Increased for teams in which the highest rated member of the duo is 2000+ rating (to discourage people from smurf-boosting to the top of the ladder)

Leaver forgiveness
- Leaver forgiveness detection is now more friendly and activates more often: 3 waves disconnected and not present at the end of the game -> 2 waves disconnected and not present at the end of the game OR 4 waves disconnected

Rating decay
- Rating decay for 1800+: Now starts after 2 weeks, instead of 4 weeks. Now 5 rating/day, instead of 3/day
- Rating decay for 1400-1800: Unchanged (4 weeks, 3 rating/day)
- Your rating cannot decay below 1400

Too many players camping the top of the leaderboard


Leaver penalties
- Leaver and AFK penalties are now harsher (more likely to result in suspensions)

Griefer penalties
- Griefer reports and auto-detection are now only enabled for solo players (you cannot be suspended for griefing as a duo)

AFK detection
- Now kicks in much faster (180 seconds -> 90 seconds)

Game Balance

Mastermind green_arrow.png
- Fixed a bug where Proton was being considered as fulfilling all attack/armor types in a roll

Flying units green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Flying/hovering units' “bonus range” decreased slightly
-- This will make targeting feel more natural and expected (this should fix Berserker tanking before Peewees, Buzzes, and other flying units on wave 10 despite positioning Berserker in the back)

King green_arrow.png
- Judgment area of effect now has an instant projectile so the king is less likely to overkill (wasting an autoattack)

Arcane units red_arrow.png
- Arcane: Damage reduction from Magic: 30% -> 25%

We’re reducing the necessity of Arcane fighters. They’ll still be important, but less mandatory to have in every roll. This change effectively nerfs all Arcane units and buffs all Magic units, so we’re compensating some Arcane units with buffs and some Magic units with nerfs.

Legion Spells

NEW! Vampire
- +500 health
- Grants Vampirism Aura: Drains health by 0.5% of max health per second, but grants 15% lifesteal and spell vamp

Sorcerer(ManaRegen).png Sorcerer(SpellDamage).png
Sorcerer green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Sorcery Aura: 12% mana regeneration and 12% spell damage -> You choose: 20% mana regeneration or 20% spell damage

Tier 1

Dark Mage green_arrow.png
- Mind Warp: Now smarter about prioritizing which targets to buff (increased priority for Berserker, Fatalizer and decreased priority for Leviathan)

Veteran green_arrow.png
- Health: 1390 -> 1410

Tier 2

Angler green_arrow.png
- Junior Fisherman: No longer gets a bonus stack for last hitting
- Maximum aptitude: 75 -> 50

Bounty Hunter green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Commercial Fisherman: No longer gets a bonus stack for last hitting
- Maximum aptitude: 150 -> 100

Kingpin green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Elite Fisherman: 1 damage per 1.5 aptitude -> 1 damage per 1 aptitude (total damage unchanged at maximum aptitude)

More viable to start Angler or to go for a second Kingpin mid-late game

Fire Elemental red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 0.78 -> 0.77

Despite previous nerfs, Fire Elemental remains as the most popular opening with one of the highest win rates

Ranger green_arrow.png
- Mark Target: Damage amplification: 1 (0.5 against bosses) -> 1

More Mastermind options against waves 10 and 20

Bazooka green_arrow.png
- Damage: 30 -> 31

No longer leaves wave 2 with a sliver of health

Zeus green_arrow.png
- Health: 850 -> 950

Goal is to allow Bazooka and Zeus to be more viable openings

Pyro red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.96 -> 1.94

Tier 3


Sea Serpent red_arrow.png
- Health: 800 -> 770

Deepcoiler red_arrow.png
- Health: 2400 -> 2280
- Damage: 227 -> 224

Gateguard green_arrow.png
- Health: 700 -> 720

Harbinger green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 1850 -> 1950
- Damage: 100 -> 112
- Removed Crushing Blow

Wileshroom green_arrow.png
- Health: 1420 -> 1450

Canopie green_arrow.png
- Health: 3700 -> 3750

Tier 4

Deathcap red_arrow.png
- Health: 3300 -> 3270

Tier 5


Doppelganger green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.79 -> 1.85

Whitemane red_arrow.png
- Health: 4350 -> 4300

Tier 6

Fire Lord green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 1820 -> 1750
- New ability: Intellect: Last hitting an enemy restores 10% of max mana

Fenix green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 3460 -> 3300
- New ability: Intellect: Last hitting an enemy restores 10% of max mana

Lord of Death green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Undead Dragon: Health: 900 -> 800
- New ability: Intellect: Last hitting an enemy restores 10% of max mana

Hades green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Raise Imp: Mana cost: 14 -> 15
- New ability: Intellect: Last hitting an enemy restores 10% of max mana

Intellect encourages you to get these fighters earlier, instead of just spamming them late game

Millennium green_arrow.png
- Health: 2200 -> 2250

Doomsday Machine green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 5250 -> 5350
- Detonation: Damage: 200 (120 to flying) -> 180 (110 to flying)


- Tank mercenaries spawn a bit faster
- Melee DPS mercenaries spawn a bit further back

Dragon Turtle green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Cost: 60 -> 40
- Income: 18 -> 12
- Health: 890 -> 610
- Damage: 39 -> 25

Fiend green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Cost: 40 -> 60
- Income: 12 -> 18
- Health: 540 -> 910
- Damage: 21 -> 27

Fiend and Lizard have too similar of a use right now

Hermit green_arrow.png
- Damage: 33 -> 34

Safety Mole green_arrow.png
- Range: 100 -> 150

Extended range so it’s less likely to get focused

Pack Leader green_arrow.png
- Range: 100 -> 150
- Damage: 85 -> 88

Extended range so it’s less likely to get focused

Mimic green_arrow.png
- Health: 2150 -> 2250

Siege Ram green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
- Health: 5500 -> 5700
- Damage: 280 -> 290
- Income: 96 -> 80

Reducing the income of Siege Ram to make it a higher-risk, higher-reward mercenary, compared to Dino

Kraken green_arrow.png
- Health: 6200 -> 6400
- Damage: 270 -> 290

We have plans to rework Kraken in the future, but for now, just a buff


Waves are already close to balanced. These are slight adjustments to compensate for the Arcane change and to tune things in a positive direction

(2) Wales green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 0.93 -> 0.94

(3) Hoppers red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.06 -> 1.05

(5) Scorpions green_arrow.png
- Scorpion: Health: 320 -> 330
- Scorpion King: Health: 1280 -> 1320

(8) Kobras red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1 -> 0.99

(9) Carapaces green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 0.72 -> 0.73

(10) Granddaddy green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 2.22 -> 2.24

(12) Mantises green_arrow.png
- Health: 1150 -> 1170

(17) Metal Dragons green_arrow.png
- Health: 3000 -> 3050

(20) Maccabeus red_arrow.png

- Attack speed: 3.23 -> 3.13

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