The premier multiplayer tower defense.



Choose your playstyle

Build defensively to hold the line against swarms of enemies, play offensively to smash through your opponents' fighters, or prioritize economy to scale into the late game and become an unbreakable juggernaut. Play to your strengths to achieve victory.

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Infinite replayability

Master 8 legions

With millions of fighter combinations, strategic decisions that impact the course of the game, and unpredictable opponents, no two games of Legion TD 2 are the same. Every game requires adaptation.

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Global PvP

2v2 Ranked, 4v4 Classic

Compete in real-time against players from 100+ countries on cross-region servers with no lag. Elo-based ranking system, leaderboards, organized tournaments, FairPlay anti-leaver/griefer system, and regular balance patches ensure a healthy competitive scene.

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Singleplayer & Co-op

Play the campaign solo or as a team of 2-4. Fine-tune your defenses against a single wave in the Weekly Challenge. Challenge AI bots of all rankings, from Bronze to Diamond. Host 1-8 player custom games with friends.

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