Legion Spells are in-game upgrades that boost your economy, empower your units, or provide other benefits. At the start of the game, all players are given the same three randomized Legion Spells. After wave 10 ends, you must select and use one Legion Spell before wave 11 spawns.

All Out Assault

+100 mythium, -15 income


+100 gold


Gain 50% of your unspent gold at the start of the next 3 waves (Max 100 gold gained)

Dark Ritual

Damages your king by 20% of current health, and +130 gold


You can't hire mercenaries or upgrade the king until after Wave 12 spawns. Then, +90 gold and +90 mythium.

Giant Snail

Your future Snails are replaced by Giant Snails

Guardian Angel

Gives a fighter a buff that brings it back to life after it dies. It will revive with a maximum of 2400 health.


Gives a fighter an aura that buffs damage and defense of adjacently-deployed allies


+34 income

Lizard Army

Summons Lizards to attack your lane opponent: 1x on Wave 11, 2x on Wave 12, and 3x on Wave 13. (No income). Also +25 Mythium.


+200 gold, -34 income


Gives a fighter an aura that buffs mana regeneration and mana gain of adjacently-deployed allies


Your workers gather mythium 60% faster until the end of wave 11. After that, they gather mythium 40% slower until the end of wave 12.

Pawn Shop

You can now sell fighters for a 90% refund for the rest of the game. Also, +80 gold.

Press the Attack

+75 mythium


Gives a fighter +650 hp and an aura that buffs damage reduction and regeneration of all allies until the unit dies


Refund a fighter for full value + 90 gold


Heals your king by 10% + 15% of missing health, and +90 gold


Gives a fighter an aura that buffs spell damage of adjacently-deployed allies


Gives a fighter an aura that grants lifesteal and spell vamp to adjacently-deployed allies


Pay up to 120 gold now. Receive 3x that amount when wave 12 ends.


Gives a fighter damage-amplifying attacks