Attack and Defense Types
Every unit has an attack and defense type. Damage dealt to a unit will be multiplied by a factor ranging from 75% to 125%, depending on the attack and defense type.

You don't have to know the exact percentages, but it helps to know which types counter each other.

You can open this table in-game by pressing F11.
Toggle on AUTO to automatically send mercenaries! This is recommended if you're a new player, so you can focus on building fighters.

When AUTO is enabled, you will automatically send mercenaries at the end of each wave. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to earn Income.

You can toggle it on/off at any time while in-game.

If your allies have AUTO enabled, their status will be displayed on the HUD in the bottom-left.

Move your mouse to the screen edge to move the camera. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.

Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys or middle-click |amp drag.

Cards are collectibles that can be used as avatars, shown off in game as monuments, and donated for Guild XP. Cards are also shown off on your Profile in the Collection tab.

* Owning 3+ copies of a card will give it a silver border.
* Owning 10+ copies of a card will give it a golden border.
* Equipping 3+ copies of a card as a monument will give it a silver glow in-game.
* Equipping 10+ copies of a card as a monument will give it a gold glow in-game.

Cards can be unlocked via the Card Trader or by finding them in-game. Every single enemy you kill, you have a small chance to find a card based on the units involved in the fight.

Cards drop in all games except Custom games
Press Enter to open/close the chat window. By default, you will send a message to your teammates only.
Press Shift+Enter instead to chat to all players.

Chat Muting
You can mute players to hide their messages. Open the scoreboard by pressing Tab, then click the chat bubble next to their name.

In Options, you can disable chat entirely, if you want.
Classic mode has relaxed matchmaking which may result in players of different skill levels being put in the same match.

Bonus income represented by the icon is given to players who are significantly lower rated than other players in the game. This gives lower-rated players a big advantage to start the game.

5-8 Player Parties: You can play Classic mode with up to 8 players and all play in the same match! Parties with 5+ players are automatically split between the two teams. You receive up to +25% bonus the bigger your party is!
Dual Build
Dual Build is a strategy where two players build in the same shared lane.

This is only possible on the 4v4 map, and it requires that both players play Mastermind.

Workers are shared between both players, but Income is individually earned.
Haste: When dual-building, enemies attack $1% faster and take $2% reduced damage from area of effect abilities..
Dual Build: When dual-building, fighters take $1% reduced damage from area of effect abilities.
In post-game, you may see a player marked with a [!]. This means they are being evaluated by FairPlay, which is the game's proprietary behavior monitoring system.

FairPlay automatically detects and punishes intentional leavers and AFKers. It also identifies potential griefers and toxic players. See Controls: Reporting Players to learn how to report other players to FairPlay.

FairPlay punishments take the form of chat mutes for toxic players and suspensions for griefers/leavers, with the duration severely lengthened with consecutive offenses. Cases are continually monitored and tweaked to make sure guilty people are being punished and innocent people aren't.

If you are repeatedly flagged by FairPlay, your alert level will be displayed to warn you before you are punished. Your alert level will automatically go down if you just play more games without being reported. Alert level looks like this:

Fighter Icons
Fighters have icons that indicate their strengths.

Tank: high health, but low attack power
DPS: high attack power, but low health
Versatile: good all-around stats
Aura: supports nearby allies
Carry: weak on its own, but powerful if supported
AoE: deals area-of-effect damage
Mana User: uses mana for special abilities

These icons are displayed in your fighter bar:

All fighters are carefully balanced on a regular basis using a data-driven system, so there's no need to memorize numbers. Just remember these icons, along with attack and defense types and you'll do great.
Build fighters to defend your lane. When enemies come, your fighters automatically attack and cast spells.

After each enemy wave, your fighters are fully healed and restored to their original positions.

Gold is your primary resource and is used to build fighters and train workers.

Ways to earn gold:
* Kill enemies
* When your opponents leak (enemies make it past their defenses)
* When the enemy king takes damage
* When you gain income after each wave. Increase your income by sending mercenaries.

Guilds are in-game communities, led by a guild leader. Guild members work together to unlock rewards for the whole guild by winning games, participating in guild wars, and donating cards.

Guilds are expensive to create to ensure that guilds are meaningful and led by an experienced player. If you are a new player, it is recommended to join an existing guild rather than creating your own.

After you join a guild, the guild's abbreviation will be displayed next to your name, and its avatar and emblem will be displayed in-game.

To read more about Guild Rewards, open the Guilds menu and click the Guild Rewards button.

1. King HP
2. Lane
3. Fighters
4. Workers
5. Reroll
6. Mercenaries
7. King Upgrades
8. Legion Spells
9. Resources
10. Fighter Value Bar

Income is a number that increases permanently whenever you spend mythium. At the end of each battle phase, you gain gold equal to your income.

Spend your mythium every wave to maximize your income. Or save up your mythium across multiple waves to unleash larger attacks, which may damage or even kill the enemy king.

King Upgrades
Upgrade your team's king to power up its attack, regeneration, and spell damage.

King upgrades provide the same amount of income as sending mercenaries, but can only be purchased during the build phase.

Leaking and Clearing
1. When your fighters lose the battle, this is called a leak.
* You miss out on gold
* Your opponents earn extra gold
* Your king may get attacked.

2. When your fighters win the battle, this is called a clear.
* You earn maximum gold
* Your surviving fighters teleport to your king to catch allied leaks.

Legion Spells
On wave 11, you may pick one of three Legion Spells to boost your economy, empower your units, attack your opponent, or provide other benefits.

The spell selection is randomized each game from a selection of 25+ spells. All players in a given match receive the same choices.

Legion TD 2 has 8 factions, called "legions", to choose from. Each legion contains 12-15 unique fighters. Each legion is equally powerful, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Try them all out to find a playstyle that suits you!

In Ranked, instead of choosing a legion, you play as Mastermind, in which you draft fighters from all legions!
Mastermind is a special legion, which has no fighters of its own. Instead, you draft a set of fighters (called a "roll") from all legions. The way you draft your roll depends on Playstyle, which you select at the start of each game.

Some unique fighters, like Gatling Gun and Sakura are available only when playing as Mastermind.
When queueing for a match, the matchmaking system attempts to find you a fair match by placing you with teammates and opponents near your skill level.

After winning or losing a game, you gain rating points based on the difficulty of the matchup. This means, if you face harder opponents, you gain more points if you win, and less points if you lose.
Mercenaries are units you send to attack your opponent.

After sending a mercenary, it will wait until the next enemy wave comes. Then, it will attack together with the enemy wave.

Similarly, you will receive mercenaries sent by the opposing team. Try to anticipate your opponent's sends as part of your strategy.

After the game, one player from each team is marked as the MVP. This is based off of a variety of factors, including fighter value, mythium pressure applied and received, leaks caught, and power score.

The MVP is who the game thinks gave the team the best chance to win the game. You can mouseover the MVP text to see why someone got MVP that game.

Sometimes, the MVP algorithm can be a little wonky though, so don't read too much into it.
Mythium is your secondary resource and is used to send mercenaries and upgrade the king.

Mythium is gained passively. Each Worker you train increases the amount of mythium you receive per second.

Party up with up to 8 players to play together. Invite players to your party by doing any of the following:
* Click their name in your friends list, then click Invite to Party
* Click their name in chat, then click Invite to Party
* Click the |emoji(friends/addfriend.png) button
* Invite them via Steam
* Type /invite FriendName in chat

All modes of play support parties, including the Campaign!
Right-click or Alt+Left-click the ground to ping the map. Useful for communicating strategy with your teammates.

You can also Right-click + drag to ping a specific wave.
Power Score
Power Score is an in-game number that represents how powerful you are. Power Score is based off of your value, gold, gold spent on workers, income, and current mythium. It is updated at the start of each build phase.

Queueing Actions
Queueing an action is useful when you know you want to buy something, but can't afford it yet.

Shift+Left-click to queue workers, mercenaries, and king upgrades.
Shift+Right-click to remove from the queue.

Ranked mode is the primary way to play the game. All players must play Mastermind. It features strict matchmaking, which ensures playing against players of similar skill, though some exceptions are made if a player has been waiting a very long time.

Ranked rewards are given at the end of each ranked season. From the main menu, go to Play, then click Ranked FAQ for info about ranked rewards.

Most players play solo, but you can party with a friend to form a duo. Duos are given an adjusted rating based on average rating, the rating gap between the two players, and a constant factor.
* A duo with two players of the same rating is treated as slightly higher than their average rating.
* A duo with one much higher rated player will be significantly skewed toward the higher rated player.

The adjusted rating compensates for the fact that duos tend to be more coordinated than a team of solos. Duo winrate data is tracked and monitored to ensure that the adjustment remains fair for everyone.
If you disconnect from a match, you can reconnect from the main menu. While you are disconnected, the game will be automatically paused for up to 60 seconds. Any teammate may choose unpause the game earlier.

Reconnecting is unavailable for single-player games.

Reporting Players
You can report players for verbal abuse or griefing. While in-game, open the scoreboard by pressing Tab, then click the red flag next to their name.

You can also report players in the postgame screen, but in-game reports carry more weight.

The game's automated behavior monitoring system, called FairPlay, automatically flags leavers and AFKers, so there's no need to report those.

Once per game, you can use a Reroll to swap out up to 4 fighters.

Hold Tab to bring up the in-game scoreboard
Hold Tab+Space to toggle showing enemy lanes on the in-game scoreboard

Press 1 or spacebar to pan the camera to your lane.
Press 2 to open/close the mercenaries panel
Press 3 to pan the camera to the lane of the player you're attacking.
Press 4 to pan the camera to your king.
Press Esc to open the in-game menu

For a full list of shortcuts, see the Options menu.

Shutdown Bounty
When a player is ahead in Power Score, they go on fire. When a player is on fire, they have a Shutdown Bounty attached to them. If that player leaks, the opposing team receives bonus gold.

The more powerful a player is, the higher the Shutdown Bounty!

Special Pings
Hold Right-click or Alt+Left-click on the ground, then drag the mouse to bring up the Wave Ping menu. Useful for communicating strategy with your teammates.

You can also Right-click or Left-click the waves bar at the top to signal when you are thinking about sending or expecting a send.

In addition, units, UI elements, and icons can be pinged by Right-clicking them.
Legion TD 2 has 21 rounds (called waves), each with increasing difficulty. Most games will end before wave 21.

Each wave has different attack/defense types, so each of your fighters will be strong on certain waves, but weak on others.

The enemies have the same stats and come in the same order every game, so planning ahead is advantageous.

Each Worker generates 1 mythium per 10 seconds.
After wave 10, workers start generating additional mythium.

The more workers you train, the stronger your economy will be!