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Happy March, everyone!

Legion TD 2 is officially starting signups for alpha testing: LegionTD2.com/alpha. Please only sign up if you’re okay with bugs and interested in testing the game and providing feedback. Alpha keys will be sent out on a rolling basis - you will not receive an email immediately.


What is the alpha? The alpha is a testing grounds and the first time Legion TD 2 will be played as an online, multiplayer experience. Stats and experience will not save during the alpha - the purpose is to playtest and provide feedback. If that doesn’t sound fun to you, please wait until the full game is released.

Is there a community chat? Yes! You’re welcome to join the Legion TD 2 Discord server: LegionTD2.com/chat

Can you tell us a release date? We’re holding off on announcing a release date until we’re absolutely confident. There’s a reason most game studios don’t announce estimated release dates. Looking back, it’s clear that we’ve been overly optimistic with our estimates, and we’re sorry if we’ve let you down. For the small number of people who have messaged us hateful things, I understand your frustration. I hope you keep in mind that Lisk and I are each working 60-80 hours a week without pay to make this game happen. Legion TD 2 is our life right now.

If you’re itching to try the game, please consider signing up for alpha testing.

Introducing a brief video of what the game looks like right now! There’s more work to do, but we’ve come a long way and are proud of our progress so far.


We’ve updated and significantly improved the game guide, including the addition of a 3D model viewer for each unit. Below is Pack Leader, who you may know as Commander in the original Legion TD. Pack Leader is a melee supportive tank that can be hired as a mercenary to turn the tides of battle. Its signature ability is Leadership Aura, which increases the damage of nearby allied units by 10%.

We also redesigned the game’s attack and defense types. Our goals were to:

  • Make the names more intuitive
  • Keep an asymmetric feel and avoid rock-paper-scissors balancing
  • Keep the numbers meaningful while avoiding hard counters
  • Ensure each attack and defense type is balanced

Below is the Legion TD 2 attack-defense matrix, where each cell represents the percent damage an attack type deals to a given defense type.

Attack Defense Chart



  • Added a 3D model viewer for each unit
  • Added special units, such as summons and Mech’s Reactor
  • Updated ability descriptions and icons
  • Updated attack/defense type descriptions and icons
  • Updated statistics to reflect game balance changes


  • Finished implementing unit abilities
  • Fully integrated the game with Steam for patching
  • Built logic for animation and sound variation
  • Bug fixing and general game stability improvements
  • Continued work on matchmaking


  • All unit re-textures completed
  • All unit models completed
  • Rigged and animated 9 units
  • Made new icons for 20 units
  • All attack and defense type icons completed
  • Kickstarter and Founder’s Edition skins completed


  • All unit sounds completed
  • Client and UI sounds completed

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