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Happy April, everyone!

Progress update: the game’s models, animations, vfx, and sounds are done. Other than a few icons, all art assets have been completed. From a design and technical perspective, the game is multiplayer-playable. There are just some bugs and stability issues that need to be fixed before we can begin public alpha testing.

A Tale of Three Kings

Meet the three most powerful beings in Legion TD 2. We’ve re-designed the original king and designed a second one so that each side has a unique king to defend. The west team is loyal to the Sky King, the east team is loyal to the Earth King, and the creatures of Nova serve the Legion Lord. While the Sky King and Earth King vociferously battle for dominance, the Legion Lord lurks in the shadows as the greater threat.

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Enchantments are specializations that allow you to spec into a particular strategy or style of play. We’re still toying with the design and will iterate during the later stages of the alpha. As it stands, you will have 5 points to allocate to your enchantments. This number is intentionally small so that each point feels impactful and so that each decision matters. You can allocate 1 point to 5 different enchantment, 5 points to a single enchantment, or anything in between. Speccing multiple points into the same enchantment results in diminishing returns.

Allowance-small.png Allowance - Grants bonus starting gold
BarbedArmor-small.png Barbed Armor - Your units reflect a % of damage taken back to the attacker
BlackMarket-small.png Black Market - You can recall fighters for a higher rate
Corruption-small.png Corruption - Your units’ attacks deal a % of their target’s maximum health
Frenzy-small.png Frenzy - Your units attack faster but take more damage
Haggler-small.png Haggler - Your mercenaries generate more income
Insurance-small.png Insurance - If you leak at least one unit, you receive bonus gold
Loyalty-small.png Loyalty - Fighters that reach the great hall take reduced damage
Plenty-small.png Plenty - Grants bonus supply per level
Stash-small.png Stash - Grants bonus starting mythium
TakeAim-small.png Take Aim - Your ranged units have more attack range
Cannibalism-small.png Vampirism - Every third attack causes your units to heal for a % of the damage dealt

…and more to come!

March Development Highlights


  • Completed design of Enchantments and Powerups
  • Continued iteration on game balance


  • Code refactor for matchmaking, friends, and parties
  • Bug fixing and general game stability improvements


  • Rigged and animated final 3 units
  • Made new icons for 20 units
  • Added icons for Enchantments and Powerups
  • Improved ability icons


  • Redesigned /r/LegionTD2 - shoutout to EpvpDani for the great work!


  • Updated unit icons and models
  • Updated ability icons and descriptions
  • Updated statistics to reflect game balance changes

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