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Happy August, everyone!

If you haven’t already, join the Legion TD 2 Discord to keep in touch with the community and devs!

Alpha Online for All Preorderers!

Big news! As of today, the alpha is available to all preorderers. If you backed the Kickstarter or preordered, you can playtest the alpha by clicking “Play” in Steam. If you are unable to, let us know on our support forums.

The alpha is a pre-launch testing ground for the game. You may encounter full servers, performance issues, bugs, and disconnects. Many features, including Mac support, matchmaking, and video/sound options are unfinished. Your profile and stats will not be saved. The purpose of the alpha is to playtest and provide feedback. If you’d rather just play for fun, please wait until the game is released in Early Access.

The game is officially unreleased and is not currently available for purchase/preorder or open to the public. In the meantime, we will continue sending out alpha keys (100 per day) to those interested in playtesting.

Game Basics Tutorial

Especially if you’re new to the alpha, make sure to check out LForward’s 2-minute video tutorial explaining the basics of the game. In the future, we’ll build out a more formal in-game tutorial and resources for learning the game.

Legion Insignia Concepts

Behold the insignia concepts for Element, Forsaken, Grove, and Mech. These insignia represent the four currently-playable factions of Legion TD 2. As we design more legions, each will be accompanied by a unique insignia. What you see here is a sneak peek and not the final versions.


July Development Highlights

For a detailed list of changes, see the patch notes on our alpha forums.


  • Significant iteration on game design and balance
  • General improvements to the game client


  • Significant bug fixing and game stability improvements
  • Significant networking refactoring and optimizations
  • Unit pathing and targeting improvements
  • Added support for Windows 32-bit


  • Completed concepts for legion insignia
  • Started rendering legion insignia


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