Beyond Legion TD 2

Sunday, November 1, 2015 Discuss on the forums

Happy Halloween from the Legion TD 2 team! As winter approaches, we’re preparing to end the year in a big way!

In October, we’re happy to report that the pathfinding framework is completed, along with a variety of other game mechanics, such as building structures, training units, researching techs, and selling units. We’ve also begun laying the groundwork for some of the multiplayer frameworks to come.

Today, we’d like to share about how Legion TD 2, through multi-project architecture, is just one piece of the next big revolution in multiplayer games.


The Unity-based game engine that LTD2 is built on. It contains the core features of the game, such as unit behavior, multiplayer, and the HUD interface.


Our proprietary tool for designing game data, which we first mentioned last November. This data exports to both XML and JSON, which are used by Aeon, as well as the upcoming website.



The level design: the ground, the trees, the walls, and other static environment data. Legion TD 2 takes place on a map called Nova.

Map Layout


The mechanics of how the game is played. Each trigger is an individual file that contains three sections: Events, Conditions, and Actions.


Example: When [A unit enters Player 1 spawn area], if [The entering unit is owned by player 11 or player 12], then [Order the entering unit to attack-move to the middle waypoint].

Gameplay triggers exist entirely outside of Aeon, Apex, and Maps. The classic Legion TD 4v4 gameplay is defined by a set of about 100 triggers. Another set of triggers is used for the tutorial game. Another for the gameplay trailer. Swap out the map, make a few tweaks, and you have yourself a 2v2 Legion TD.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With a different set of Apex data, a different map, and a different set of triggers, a single developer could create a totally different game: a MOBA for example, or a third person shooter. When you support the development of Legion TD 2, you’re supporting the future revival of all of your favorite Warcraft 3 maps, and beyond.


For November, we’ll continue development on all fronts, and gearing up for the December 1st website launch, with tons of new, exciting reveals!

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