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May 1st, 2016

Happy May 1st, everyone!

Lisk and I are excited to be back in development mode. We’ve scaled back updates to a monthly cadence because we’re focused on making the game! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last month:

  • Refactoring parts of game code
  • Building logic for unit movement and pathfinding
  • Designing matchmaking, achievements, and ranks
  • Designing art concepts for Grove fighters

Banana Bunk concept art

Closed Beta

We’ve been getting some questions about the game’s expected release date and how to participate in the closed beta. Here’s our vision of how and when Legion TD 2 will be released:

Legion TD 2 is expected to be released in closed beta in December 2016. The closed beta is a ~6 month testing ground that is only available to early supporters. The goals of the closed beta are to stress-test servers, resolve technical issues, and generate feedback on how to improve the game. Participants of the closed beta are essential in shaping the future of Legion TD 2.

At this stage, Legion TD 2 is a fully functional multiplayer game and features:

  • All core game elements
  • 4 legions: Mech, Grove, Element, and Forsaken
  • Multiplayer-compatibility with matchmaking
  • A functional game client
  • Player profiles and stat-tracking

The main draw of being in the closed beta is playing the game 6 months before it opens to the public and giving critical feedback on how to improve the game. You’ll also get access to exclusive rewards that will not be available to players once the game enters open beta.

we-need-you (1).png

How to join the closed beta

To participate in the closed beta, you must be an Aqua+ Kickstarter backer or purchase a closed beta key. Closed beta keys will go on sale for $20 on Steam, but if you’re anxious to secure a spot, check out When the time comes, we’ll send invitations to all participants. The only things you’ll need are a Steam account and a computer!

After resolving any major technical issues, bugs, and design/balance issues, the game will be released in open beta. June 2017 is our best guess. From this point on, the game is freely available to everyone. Non-essential but still awesome features, such as guilds, will come out on a rolling basis.

We know you’re itching to play the game, and trust me - we are too! We’re working our fastest to release Legion TD 2 and are excited to play with you guys.

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