Monday, June 1, 2015 Discuss on the forums

Summer has arrived at last! Whether you’re finishing finals to gear up for the break or just relieved to have some nicer weather, we hope you’ll settle in to check out our latest updates on Legion TD 2 progress and a special reveal.

One of the most exciting things about building Legion TD 2 as its own game is the potential for players to build persistent user profiles in between every match. For years, dedicated players have taken great strides to create hostbots and databases that let players measure their performance and skill over time. With Legion TD 2, that persistence will be a standard component on day one.

As you play games in Legion TD 2 you will accumulate experience, levels, and currency. Multiple new features will be introduced to leverage these and today we’d like to announce one such component: Enchantments. As your account levels up, you’ll gain one enchantment point per level to specialize your gameplay to fit your style or your favorite legion. Check out the enchantments by clicking the image below!


On the development end, we’ve been redesigning and improving the overall game engine, especially the systems that handle unit movement and attacks. Multiplayer unit movement and AI is a big technical challenge, and that’s why we’re taking our time to make sure we get it right.

We’ve also been designing the cosmetic item system, which will be similar to the equipment system in Dota 2, which allows players to customize their characters’ appearances with new graphics and visual effects.

For June, we will continue developing the game engine, as well as continuing visual work on characters. We’re also spending some time restructuring our workflow processes in preparation for bringing on another developer to the team!

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