Enemy Waves to Test Your Mettle

Monday, December 1, 2014 Discuss on the forums

Happy holidays from the Legion TD 2 team! Having reached the final month of 2014, there’s much to look back on and so much more to look forward to.

In November we made great progress across the board. Our sound engineer has begun work on the rich audio that will bring the world to life – both iconic music and unit sounds. Our environment artists have been busy concepting and designing a detailed battlefield on which to defend your king. As always, the character artists are churning out some fantastic models. Check out a few of the enemy units you’ll be defending against in the concepts below!


A formidable beast that is off the chain. You can expect these rocky monstrosities to be more dangerous than Rock Golems when they stomp onto the battlefield on wave six.



A lethal serpent that kills from range. These bad boys will hit you on wave twelve and you might just find them accompanied by some serious summons from the other team….



A giant that will test your skill. As the first boss of Legion TD 2, you can expect this monster to separate the strong from the weak. LTD2_Granddaddy_Ortho

We’re working to close the year strong by bringing the official Legion TD 2 website closer to release and working on the environment and in-game interface. The whole team would like to thank you all for your patience and support as we make Legion TD 2 the best experience it can be!

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