First Look at the HUD

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 Discuss on the forums

Greetings again! Another month has passed, and we’re back again with more updates on progress as well as a look at the user interface for Legion TD 2!

In June, we focused on developing the game engine, particularly the authoritative server code which will allow Legion TD 2 to run across the world with high performance, and with modern eSport features such as spectating, reconnecting, replays, and having one player’s lag not affect the other players.

While we can’t show off the game engine yet, we’d like to share a prototype of the HUD interface.


Warcraft 3 provided a very flexible interface, but we felt like there were many ways we could simplify and improve the experience for Legion TD 2. At this stage of design we’ve focused heavily on functionality and layout. We’re aiming to minimize the impact of the interface and keep your focus on the action while also clustering information that synergizes together.

With LTD2’s new interface, it’ll be easier and faster to play the game than the original, whether you are a new player or an in-house league veteran. The smaller footprint will open up more screen space to watch the action and the key shortcuts for your builder, town hall, and barracks will let you act from anywhere on the battlefield. Finally, perhaps the coolest part is that the interface will be reskinnable, similar to Dota 2.

Check out the post below to see detailed notes on each aspect of the UI. As always, your feedback is encouraged!

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