First Look at the World of Legion TD 2

Friday, January 2, 2015 Discuss on the forums

Happy new year from the Legion TD 2 team! We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far in 2014, and many members of our team took well-deserved breaks over the holiday season to refresh and recharge for the new year.

We’ve continued to make progress on developing the environment, but aren’t ready to show screenshots quite yet. The environment has a big impact on how the overall game will look and feel, so it takes time to get it right.

The world of Legion TD 2

Here’s an early sketch to give you an idea of what direction we’re headed. Keep in mind that this is an early sketch, and many areas are incomplete or missing.


Character development continues

In addition to the environment, we’ve continued working on animating characters as well as concepting new ones, like the mighty Doomsday Machine.


Our website is making good progress, and is on pace to be launched within the next two months.

We’re looking forward to an awesome year in 2015 as we jump back into crafting the sequel to Legion TD!

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