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Happy February, everyone!

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When can I play?
We’re waiting until we’re absolutely confident before announcing a release date.

Why can’t you make the game faster?
In terms of 3D art assets and technical complexity, Legion TD 2 is a monumental project. The team working on the game consists of Lisk and myself. We have awesome community members and freelance artists, but in terms of people working on the game full-time, it’s only the two of us. That’s not an excuse. It’s just the reality. With that said, we’re making great progress. The truth is that we’re in the home stretch.

Can I help beta test?
Yes! The game will be launching in beta. By playing Legion TD 2 on launch and providing feedback, you will shape the future of the game.

Where’s my Steam key?
If you purchased the game on Steam, the game is automatically in your Steam library. If you purchased the game on Kickstarter or Humble Bundle and did not receive your key, check your email’s spam folder. If you still don’t see it, post on our support forums.

Game Client Sneak Peek

Game Client Preview

January Development Highlights


  • All units balanced (more alpha testing needed)
  • All unit abilities designed


  • Game client mostly completed
  • Friends and parties functionality completed
  • Matchmaking mostly completed
  • Improvements to unit pathing in progress


  • Re-concepted final 2 units
  • Modeled, rigged, and animated 4 units
  • Optimized and improved 39 unit models
  • Improved 23 unit animations
  • Re-textured 12 units
  • Finalized 44 ability icons
  • Made new icons for 27 units

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