Introducing Our New Concept Artist

Monday, August 1, 2016 Discuss on the forums

August 1st, 2016

Happy August!

Remember to sign up for the closed beta if you haven’t already. We’re limiting the number of people in the closed beta and also raffling out prizes to those that sign up, so earlier is better! The game launches at the end of this year.

Meet Drakhas

Oğuzalp ‘Drakhas’ Döndüren joined the Legion TD team last month, and we’re thrilled to be working with him. Drakhas is a talented artist from Istanbul, Turkey who is also an avid gamer and fan of Legion TD 2.

While watching his uncle do 3D modeling for furniture, Drakhas became interested in modeling video game characters. Soon he realized someone needs to come up with the designs first, so he began drawing and pursuing his passion as a concept artist. His dream is to create the next Arthas, Kerrigan, or Master Chief.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of Drakhas’ character designs for the Forsaken legion:

Butcher (1).png Fire Archer.png Imp.png Undead Dragon.png Lord of Death.png

Butcher is personally one of my favorite characters. Wielding a massive axe and wearing a bloody apron, Butcher is terrifying to most, but he has a soft spot if you get to know him. Don’t ask him about his heart tattoo. He’s sensitive about that.

Recent Highlights

Here’s what Jules and I have been up to over the last month:

  • Completed 3D models and animations for the Grove legion
  • Completed 2D concept art for the Forsaken legion
  • Designing a next-gen matchmaking system, called Prophet, to ensure fair and quickly formed matches (continued)
  • Converting gameplay systems from singleplayer to server-client multiplayer (continued)
  • Developing validation and benchmarking tools to optimize the game (continued)
  • Implementing server & client APIs for gameplay triggers

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