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Friday, January 1, 2016 Discuss on the forums

UPDATE: The Kickstarter is live! Happy New Year from the entire Legion TD team! We’re ringing in 2016 with some major announcements centered around our next milestone: the Legion TD 2 Kickstarter.

In a recent announcement, we revealed our 2016 milestone plans:

2016 Timeline

Coming soon in March, we will be running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Legion TD 2. With your generous support, the team will remain self-funded and fully focus on delivering a game deserving of the Legion TD name. Today, we’re excited to reveal the Kickstarter reward tiers!


$5 – BRUTE TIER. Exclusive Brute’s “Warrior” skin.


$20 – AQUA TIER. Includes Brute rewards. Beta Key. Exclusive forum and in-game profile badge. Exclusive Aqua Spirit’s “Liquid Smoke” in-game VFX.


$50 – ZEUS TIER. Includes all Aqua rewards. Priority Beta Key*. Early username registration. Mentioned in game credits. Exclusive Zeus’s “Plasma Rifle” in-game VFX.

*In the event of login queues during the open and closed beta, Priority Beta Key accounts will be given priority and thus have much shorter waiting times.


$150 – KRAKEN TIER. Includes all Zeus rewards. Exclusive “first look” single-player playable demo. All legions unlocked permanently, including future legions. Digital artbook and soundtrack. Exclusive Kraken’s “Forgotten One” skin.


$500 – GRANDDADDY TIER. Includes all Kraken rewards. Legion TD 2 mousepad, signed and numbered by Lisk. Physical artbook (50 pages), featuring never-before-seen concept art. Exclusive “Galactic” in-game lane texture.


$2000 – MACCABEUS TIER. Includes all Granddaddy rewards. Name a custom equipment after yourself. Custom colored name, in-game. Play a game of Legion TD 2 on live-stream, with the team.

With these tiers we hope to incentivize participation and reward those of you who choose to help bring this awesome game to the public. Please note that these tiers are still subject to tweaks and changes prior to the Kickstarter. As always, we welcome your feedback!

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