Launch Trailer is Here

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 Discuss on the forums

Happy November, everyone!

Legion TD 2 is officially coming to Steam Early Access on November 20. We’re excited to finally share our launch trailer! We hope you enjoy it.

As an indie team with no marketing team, we rely on the community to help spread the word about the game. Please consider sharing the trailer with your friends.


All accounts, stats, and leaderboards will reset on November 8th at noon PST. Alpha testers can receive the following rewards:

  • Alpha Tester Badge: Hit at least level 3. Upgraded for each level you hit beyond 3.
  • Top 100 Badge: End in the top 100 or achieve a peak rating of 1600
  • Top 10 Badge: End in the top 10 or achieve a peak rating of 2000
  • Contributor Badge: Select individuals for contributing on the forums, reporting bugs, and giving feedback



Reconnect feature


  • Automated suspension of frequent leavers and AFKers
  • Automated suspension of intentional losers
  • Automated server-muting of excessively verbally abusive players
  • Bots now play for disconnected or AFK players until they return

Fairplay feature

Achievements & Collectibles


Country Leaderboard

County Leaderboard

Matchmaking 2.0

  • Now waits to find fairer games. Fairness tolerance is expanded every minute.

Chat Rooms

  • Type /join [chat room name] to join [chat room name] chat
  • Type “/join” to rejoin Global Chat

Mercenaries 2.0

  • RNG mechanics reduced/removed
  • Mercenary sends can now be sent more reactively/strategically based on the opponent’s build


Before Early Access:

  • HUD 2.0
  • Polish and preparation for release

During Early Access:

  • Localization
  • Tutorial
  • Kickstarter and Founders Edition cosmetics & rewards
  • Guilds
  • Enchantments & Power-ups
  • Bots 2.0
  • 5th Legion and more units

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