Legion TD 2 Beta Changes

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Discuss on the forums

October 19th, 2016

Hey guys!

Normally we do updates on a monthly cadence, but we’ve got a bunch of important news that we wanted to share as soon as possible.

Digital box art is complete!

We’re thrilled to present Legion TD 2’s digital box art ‘The King’ to you. Kneel before your king!


Legion TD 2 logo revamped!

We also made some improvements to the Legion TD 2 logo to make it sleeker and more modern. We’re not 100% satisfied with it yet, but we believe this is a change in the right direction.

Release date now early 2017

We need a bit more time to get the game ready for launch. We’re working our hardest to make this possible and are aiming for February 2017. I know that sucks, but we’d rather ensure quality than rush it. Over the past few months, we’ve refactored the code base (so it’s more stable), made major design improvements, and substantially upgraded our art. These changes took time but have significantly improved the game and our ability to support it for years to come. Legion TD 2 is almost here, we promise.

Full game now purchasable, still free to try

Okay, back to good news! We decided to make the full game purchasable and scrap the microtransaction model. Let’s be honest: freemium isn’t free. Players spend more on microtransactions and get less. If you look at games with microtransactions, you’ll see crafting, essence, dust, chests, keys, drops, and bundles. These are all ways of masking the fact that you’re spending money to unlock content.

When you get Legion TD 2, you get the full game. That means all current and future legions are permanently unlocked from the start, and it means you won’t constantly be pressured to pay money to unlock gameplay content. We still want to include unlockable cosmetic items and allow the community to create their own skins and effects. To Aqua+Kickstarter backers and anyone that already pre-ordered a beta key, don’t worry - you’re taken care of. You now officially own the full game of Legion TD 2.

We’re making this change because it allows us to focus 100% on the game rather than on monetization. When the game releases, our priorities will be fixing bugs, balancing the game, designing new legions, and releasing new features, not deciding which skin to sell next.

With that said, we still think Legion TD 2 should be free to try, so we’re introducing Guest Play. Guest Play allows you to play the game for free, but you’ll have limited access to content and features. This gives you an opportunity to try Legion TD 2 for free, and if you enjoy it, you can get the full game. It’s also really helpful if you’re trying to convince a friend to play.

Pre-order for Legion TD 2: Founder’s Edition

Founder's Box Art.png

We heard your feedback that you guys wanted some special perks for pre-ordering the game! If you pre-order, you’ll now receive the Founder’s Edition of Legion TD 2, which includes:

  • FULL GAME: All current and future legions unlocked
  • EARLY ACCESS: Access to the game one week before official launch
  • FOUNDER STATUS: Your name listed in the game’s credits as a founder
  • BONUS CONTENT: Pyro’s ‘Blue Fire’ VFX and Dark Mage’s ‘Magician’ skin

The ability to order the Founder’s Edition will be discontinued prior to launch. Aqua+ Kickstarter backers and those that already pre-ordered a beta key have been automatically upgraded to the Founder’s Edition.

Pre-ordering is currently available through Humble Bundle and will soon be available on Steam. If you prefer not to pre-order, the standard edition of Legion TD 2 will be available for purchase on Steam on launch.

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