Legion TD 2 Has Released!

Monday, November 20, 2017 Discuss on the forums

Happy Launch Day, everyone!

The wait is finally over. Legion TD 2 has officially released on Steam in Early Access. This is everything we’ve been working towards for the past 4 years of development. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way.

As a 2-man indie studio with no investors or marketing team, we rely on the community to help spread the word about the game. Please consider telling your friends and recommending the game on Steam. Early positive reviews are hugely impactful. They can be the catalyst that makes Legion TD 2 the next big game.

Help us improve the game. If there’s something you think could be better, tell us. We’re incredibly responsive to feedback. Discord is the best place to chat about the game. The forums are the best place to give feedback and report bugs.


There’s a lot of improvements and new content we already have planned:

Gameplay Features

  • 5th legion
  • More units, abilities, and upgrades
  • Enchantments - pre-game specs
  • Power-ups - in-game upgrades
  • Hybrid builder
  • Featured game modes

Other Feature

  • Localization - translation of the game into multiple languages
  • Bots 2.0 - improved bot AI and difficulty settings
  • Spectator
  • Guilds
  • Custom Games 2.0 - names, passwords, and game options
  • Cosmetics


Will there be more than 4 legions?

Yes. Our goal is to make 10+ legions and hundreds of more units.

Are there any pay-to-win mechanics?

No. All legions and units (current and future) are automatically unlocked.

Why not F2P?

  • It allows us to focus 100% on the game rather than on monetization. Our priorities will be fixing bugs, balancing the game, designing new legions, and releasing new features, not deciding which microtransaction to sell next.
  • As a 2-person indie team, we simply don’t have the manpower to only offer cosmetics. If the game had gone F2P, it would have had pay-to-win mechanics, such as selling individual legions or units. As lifelong gamers, we hate pay-to-win games.
  • Fewer smurfs, griefers, and hackers. A more positive community.

Where are my Kickstarter/preorder cosmetic rewards?

Coming soon. The actual skins and VFX are already done. The hard part is building the UI and logic that allows players to equip cosmetics.

How often will the game be updated?

We work on the game every day. You can expect a patch about once per week.

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