New Art and First Look at the Base

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Discuss on the forums

Welcome to the October Legion TD 2 update! The seasons are swinging and we at AutoAttack games are moving right along with them. We’ve had a lot of awesome art developing this month and wanted to share some more with you, including a first look at the concepts for the Barracks and Worker!





So far we’ve only focused on showing you the units that get to march the battlefield. We think it’s time to give the base a little love, too!





Town Hall


This month we also began work on the environment and in-game UI. Most exciting for us, however, is the addition of a very talented sound engineer to the Legion TD 2 team. Based on his impressive portfolio of both music and sound design, we are eagerly looking forward to the signature sound and audio he will be developing for Legion TD 2.

Every day makes us more excited, and we’re thrilled that you get to take the journey with us. Next month we hope to shift the spotlight of these updates to some different areas of development, but we will continue to reveal new artwork on the forums, so stay tuned!

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