New Features: Partying, Matchmaking, Profiles, Elo

Friday, September 1, 2017 Discuss on the forums

Happy September, everyone!

We just released our biggest patch yet and are closer than ever to releasing the game. Our next milestone (soon™) is an Early Access launch on Steam.

We’re looking for an experienced video editor to help with the Legion TD 2 Launch Trailer. Check out our old teaser trailer - if you can do better, get in touch with us:

Partying, Matchmaking, Profiles, & Elo

Big news! As of today, you can officially party with friends, play matchmade games, climb the Elo ladder, and view your stats.


  • Normal: Party with 1-4 people and get matched against other players. Only Normal games affect your Elo.
  • Practice: Party with 1-4 people and get matched against bots
  • Custom: For private in-houses, tournaments, and 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 games


  • To climb the Level leaderboard, just have fun playing the game
  • To climb the Rating leaderboard, get good! (and win your games)


  • Show off your 1-0 100% win rate with Grove and any badges you’ve earned

Upcoming Priorities

Likely before Early Access:

  • Post-game stats
  • In-game announcer
  • Legion insignia
  • Mining area and visual workers
  • Leveling system 2.0
  • Ping wheel 2.0
  • Reporting tool
  • Mac support
  • HUD 2.0

Likely during Early Access:

  • Legion Select
  • Tutorial
  • Selectable avatars
  • Kickstarter and Founders Edition cosmetics & rewards
  • Guilds
  • Enchantments & Power-ups
  • More legions

August Development Highlights

For a detailed list of changes, see the patch notes on our alpha forums.


  • Player profiles & stat-tracking
  • Matchmaking
  • Partying
  • Elo
  • Improved leaderboards
  • New minimap
  • Mastermind reroll
  • Bots now take over for leavers
  • Soft-quitting (quitting the game now returns you to the main menu)


  • Significant bug fixing and game stability improvements
  • Unit pathing and targeting improvements
  • Significant game balance improvements


  • Continued rendering of legion insignia
  • Completed concept for HUD 2.0


  • Added ticking sound before each wave beings
  • Added battle drums and unit sounds when the wave spawns
  • Improved client and in-game sounds
  • Working on in-game announcer VO

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