New Game Mechanic: Legion Spells!

Saturday, February 17, 2018 Discuss on the forums

New Major Feature: Legion Spells

Legion Spells image_small.png

Legion Spells are in-game upgrades that boost your economy, empower your units, or provide other benefits. At the start of the game, all players are given the same three randomized Legion Spells. After wave 10 ends, you must select and use one Legion Spell before wave 11 spawns.


+100 Gold

Press The Attack

+80 Mythium


+30 Income

Full House

+30 Supply Cap


+35 Gold
+25 Mythium
+10 Income


+200 Gold
-30 Income


Convert all your gold into mythium at a rate of 3:2, or all mythium into gold at a rate of 2:3 (your choice)


Undeploys one of your units for 100% value + 80 gold


+400 Gold
-4 Supply Used
-4 Workers

There is no harm in selecting Militia early. Mythium you would have lost by selecting Militia early is immediately given to you.


+80 gold
Heals the king by 20% missing life (does not reset Pillage)

If multiple allies cast Savior, they will be used one after another.


Designates one of your fighters as a hero
- Increases health by 500
- Grants Heroism Aura: Boosts defense and damage by 5%


Corrupts one of your fighters into a villain
- Increases health by 500
- Grants Villainy: Attacks amplify damage taken by 16% (8% for ranged)


+40 gold
Swap up to 4 of your existing fighters for new fighters
- You are presented with your current 6 fighters + 4 randomized fighters, and you choose 6
- Works for both Mastermind and standard legions

Giant Snail

Your Snails are replaced by Giant Snails, which have 250% health and damage

…and more to come!

Taxed Allowance

+80 Gold
(automatically occurs if you fail to select and use a Legion Spell before wave 11 spawns)

Legion Spells are different than Enchantments (pre-game specs), which are coming at a later date.

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