New Legion: Mech

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Discuss on the forums

Happy November, everyone!

Pre-ordering is now officially available through Steam! If you pre-order Legion TD 2, you’ll receive the Founder’s Edition of the game.

The Mech legion is now complete!


Veteran from the Mech legion

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Mech fighters range from soldiers in mechanical suits to full-fledged tanks. They draw their energy from deployable structures known as Reactors and must be deployed within 2 squares of a Reactor. Leveraging advanced technology, Mech units overpower enemies with raw power. Their fighting style can be summed up in three words: “force over finesse.”


  • High damage and durability
  • Relatively cost-effective
  • Significant sources of siege damage
  • Significant sources of fortified armor


  • High gold and supply costs
  • Lack strong synergies
  • Must be deployed near Reactors

Element, Forsaken, Grove, and Mech are the four available legions when the game launches. More legions will be designed over time.
Tempest from the Mech legion

Recent Highlights

Here’s what Lisk and I were up to in October:

  • Released the Mech legion
  • Working on models and animations for Mech
  • Working on concept art, models, and animations for creatures and mercenaries
  • Released the official digital box art for Legion TD 2
  • Redesigned the Legion TD 2 logo
  • Designing and implementing pathfinding logic
  • Converting gameplay systems from singleplayer to server-client multiplayer (continued)

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