Official Website Launch

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 Discuss on the forums

Happy holidays from the Legion TD team!

Today is a very special update and surely a milestone in Legion TD 2 development. The official Legion TD 2 website has launched!


The official website is the gateway to all things Legion TD 2, and also the home of the Game Guide, which contains a substantial amount of information about the game. Designed with both veteran and new players in mind, the guide not only introduces the core concepts of the game but also walks through the individual fighters, creatures, and mercenaries available for play. Here you’ll find detailed information on all of the units we’ve currently revealed, which includes many new units that have not previously been shown.

Another major milestone today is the launch of all official Legion TD 2 social media accounts. As we ramp up for the Kickstarter over the next several months stay tuned to these accounts for important information and other content. If social media isn’t for you, you can still depend on these continuing monthly updates!

Twitter: @LegionTD2

Facebook: LegionTD2

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, we have also acquired the subreddit /r/legiontd2. In keeping with the community nature of Reddit, we wish for this to be fully owned and moderated by the community with no influence or interference from us whatsoever. To make that possible, we’re looking for engaged Legion TD users who are willing to take over moderation and ownership of that subreddit. Email if you want to be a part of that effort.

It’s been an epic year, and we’re excited to be closing it out on such a great note. Next year, particularly the first few months, are sure to be even more exciting. Stay tuned!

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