One Year Down and Looking Forward

Saturday, August 1, 2015 Discuss on the forums

Another month, another update! Today marks a rather special milestone for us. Just one year ago, the forums opened up and the first monthly update was released! It has been an extraordinary year, and we’d like to recap that, as well as share some information on what’s coming up.

This past year, we’ve focused our updates on the design of Legion TD 2, from the environment, to visual effects, to the HUD, and more. Through forum discussions, we’ve shared additional artwork and gameplay designs.

Now, we’re going to shift the focus of our updates to talk more about the technical development of the game, and how we’re solving difficult problems like combat/AI, multiplayer, and other challenges. To get an idea of where we are and what’s still left to do, check out the graphic below!


While Warcraft 3 is a great platform for mods, its engine has some limitations compared to modern games. By building Legion TD 2 from the ground-up with the latest technology, we’ve been able to make improvements in a variety of areas.

Through September, October, and November, we will go in-depth into different aspects of technical design.

And on December 1st, we’ll be launching the official Legion TD 2 website. The website will serve as a launch platform for some of the major events that will be coming up early in 2016, including the gameplay trailer reveal and much more information about the Beta.

You all have been a fantastic community over this past year, and we can’t thank you enough for being here with us. This summer, we were fortunate to have a new programmer join us, and as he learns the ropes, things are ramping up and it’ll be an exciting next few months.

As always, your feedback is welcomed!

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