Original Musical Composition

Thursday, January 21, 2016 Discuss on the forums

We’re excited to share a preview of our first original musical composition, the Legion TD 2 Main Theme.

This is an original piece by Mikołaj Wiśniewski, a composer from Poland. Mikołaj is a longtime fan of the original Legion TD and an active member of our community; he goes by DarkMXQ. He combines his love and talent for music and passion for gaming to create something truly incredible. Other than rearrangements that Mikołaj would like to make, this is the music you will hear before you actually jump into game.

Resized Studio

Mikołaj saw an opportunity to contribute and took the initiative to post a thread (Original Soundtrack for game) on the forums a few months ago - a great example of the community getting involved to make Legion TD 2 a reality. A few months later, and Mikolaj is on contract as the official sound composer for Legion TD 2 and is now hard at work designing the background music.

With the Kickstarter on the horizon, we’re looking for community leaders, streamers, content creators, video game writers, social media gurus, and press to help publicize the game. If you’d like to contribute in any way or know someone who would, please post in our thread: Contribution to the Development of Legion TD 2.

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