Season 3 is coming!

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season 3 preview


Happy 1st birthday to Legion TD 2! Today marks exactly one year since the game’s launch in Early Access. Legion TD 2 is our first ever game, and we’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come. As a 3-person studio, we’re far from perfect, but we’re committed to learning and getting better. Thank you to:

  • The 92,000 players that have gotten the game
  • Our talented outsource team
  • Legion TD 2 streamers, content creators, and app developers
  • Our dedicated crew of staff and moderators
  • Everyone that has believed in us and supported the game through ups and downs

Lisk, Curing, and I are grateful to each and every one of you.

To celebrate, Legion TD 2 will be on sale from November 21-27!



  • Season 2 end: 1/14/19 at 10am PST / 7pm CET
  • Season 3 pre-season: 1/14 - 1/28
  • Season 3 start: 1/28
  • Season 3 end: June (estimate)

level 4 level 5 level 6 level 23

Season 2 Badge

  • Reach at least level 4. Upgraded for each level you reach beyond 4.

bronze silver gold platinum diamond

expert master seniormaster grandmaster legend

You must hit at least level 4 and play at least 10 Normal games this season to achieve any of the ranked badges below.

  • Bronze: Finish the season at least 900 rating
  • Silver: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 1200
  • Gold: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 1400
  • Platinum: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 1600
  • Diamond: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 1800
  • Expert: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 2000
  • Master: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 2200
  • Senior Master: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 2400
  • Grandmaster: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 2600
  • Legend: Achieve a peak season 2 rating of 2800


Before season 3 begins, all ratings will be soft reset (shifted towards 1200). During the pre-season, there will be no rating changes.

On 1/14, patch 3.0 will be released, which will include some major changes to the game.

  • NEW! King upgrades
  • NEW! Classic 4v4 queue
  • Normal queue: Renamed to “Ranked 2v2” and will become Mastermind-only
  • Casual queue: Discontinued
  • NEW! Play vs. AI with selectable bot difficulty

King Upgrades

  • In season 3, we’re adding a new major game mechanic with the introduction of king upgrades. The exact design will look different than the king upgrades from Warcraft III Legion TD, but we believe it will increase the game’s depth and serve as a proper tribute to the mod.

Return of 4v4

  • We’ve heard your feedback about wanting 4v4. Instead of limiting 4v4 to custom games, we’re creating a Classic 4v4 queue that will use Speedy Matchmaking (forms a match as soon as possible and shuffles teams based on rating, while preserving parties).
  • Depending on reception and popularity, we’re open to the idea of supporting 4v4 with ratings and leaderboards in the future.

Mastermind-Only Ranked

  • We’re making Ranked 2v2 Mastermind-only, while still allowing legions to be played in the Tutorial, Play vs. AI, Classic 4v4, and Custom games. This levels the playing field for ranked and leads to more dynamic games.

Play vs. AI

  • We want players to have a place to practice new strategies and to have fun and progress in a PvE environment. We’re introducing Play vs. AI with selectable bot difficulty to provide a challenge for new players and veterans alike.

These changes are still 8 weeks away, so they are subject to change. As always, we’re open to suggestions!


In general, we’re slowing down balance patches in favor of large-scale infrastructure changes to improve and grow the game.

  • Nomad & New Mercenaries
  • Featured Game Mode - Details coming soon!
  • Game Stability - The usual bug and connection fixes
  • Server Scalability - Allows the game to support 10-100x as many concurrent players (necessary for our planned F2P weekend)
  • Shop - Time to spend that Essence!
  • Guilds
  • China Marketing - China has millions of Legion TD fans that are not aware of Legion TD 2
  • Growing the Team - We’re bringing on a second engineer. Details coming later!

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