Secure your spot with a closed beta key

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June 1st, 2016

Happy June 1st!

The Legion TD 2 closed beta is coming at the end of this year. Secure your spot with a closed beta key.

Secure your spot with a closed beta key!

The number one request we’ve received over the last few months is: “I missed the Kickstarter. How can I play in the closed beta?” We’ve partnered with Humble Bundle and are now offering the ability to pre-order a Legion TD 2 closed beta key. You will receive your Steam key a few months before the game launches in December 2016.

Earlier is better. We’re limiting the number of people in the closed beta, so if you’re sure you want to play, we recommend securing your spot with a closed beta key.

We’re also rewarding those who order early. When you pre-order a key, in addition to a confirmed closed beta key, your name is automatically entered into a raffle for extra prizes. For each person who signs up after you, your name goes in an additional time. So the earlier you sign up, the better your chances of winning. All Aqua+ Kickstarter and PayPal backers will have the same odds as the first person to pre-order a key.

We’re giving away the following prizes:

  • June prize: 3x copies of the Legion TD 2 Pre-Alpha Demo
  • September prize: 10x invite-a-friend closed beta keys
  • December prize: 10x invite-a-friend closed beta keys
  • December grand prize: 1x permanently unlocked game account

At the end of the day, the raffle is just for fun. The main draw of being in the closed beta is playing the game 6+ months before it opens to the public and giving critical feedback on how to improve the game.

Steam page is officially live!

We know the game is still a few months away from launch, but this makes it feel so freaking real, I’m getting goosebumps writing this. Check out the Legion TD 2 Steam page!


Recent Highlights

We’ve made a ton of progress on the game over the last month. Here’s what Lisk and I have been up to:

  • Converting gameplay systems from singleplayer to multiplayer
  • Developing validation and benchmarking tools to optimize the game
  • Preparing a pre-alpha demo for release this month
  • Creating 2D splashes for Grove fighters
  • Designing game modes, enchantments, and guilds
  • Steam integration and support


Ranger, a nimble Grove unit with a ranged piercing attack

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