v2.36: Looter, Pack Rat, Mac Fix, Stability Improvements

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We’re happy to announce that Lisk is a married man! Congratulations to him and his wife! Lisk, Curing, and I also moved out of California. It’s been stressful and we’re still unpacking boxes and getting fully up to speed, but we’re officially back to work on Legion TD 2!

Lisk married




A nomadic race that resides in the dry badlands of Nova. Due to the harsh environment, they don’t stay put more than a few days at a time. While some intelligent humanoids exist, most of Nomad consists of fierce animal species, each with its own unique adaptations to the habitat. Unlike other legions, the creatures of Nomad are mostly solitary and self-serving. They tend to live with and care for their own, doing only what it takes to survive. In recent years, they have felt pressure from outside monsters that enter the badlands unwelcome. In response, they have formed an unspoken alliance against outsiders, placing a halt on their tribal, isolationist ways. A band of scrappy and crafty creatures, Nomad fights for survival.

Looter card

(T1) Looter

  • Cost: 10 gold + 1 supply
  • Movement type: Ground
  • Health: 130 (Swift)
  • Damage: 11 (Impact)
  • Attack speed: 0.83
  • Range: 100 (Melee)

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Pack Rat card

(T1U) Pack Rat

  • Upgrade cost: 65 gold + 1 supply
  • Movement type: Ground
  • Health: 650 (Swift)
  • Damage: 55 (Impact)
  • Attack speed: 0.83
  • Range: 100 (Melee)
  • Ability: Treasure Hunt - Your Pack Rat abandons this wave’s battle. When the wave ends, it returns and you gain +10 mythium.

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Nomad tier 2 and two new mercenaries are also ready to be released. We’re going to introduce them one-or-two at a time to allow players to adapt to and explore the new content.


Loading Screen

  • Fixed a bug where the game would start too soon while players were still connecting (Simplified QuickStart failsafe logic; now the loading screen has a single 60 second failsafe timer. Also Client Match Found reconnection failsafe is now more aggressive; 3s from 10s interval)
  • Tweaked some sequences to improve initial connection time (You should now get into the loading screen quicker and more reliably)


  • Fixed an incorrect interaction between dynamic regen (such as Bone Crusher’s regen based on missing life) and other buffs where the application of a new buff (such as Brute’s Maul) would cause a unit’s dynamic regen to be reset to 0 when added


  • Fixed a case where a player would be AFK-detected on wave 1 when they built quickly, then idled for 90 seconds (AFK timer now doesn’t kick in until after wave 2; the wave 1 AFK detection if you don’t build anything/etc. still applies)


  • Fixed a rare crash on Mac OSX (Upgraded Coherent GT framework to from

Mac players should be able to play again. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Friends List

  • Rewrote friends list to load significantly faster. This should be especially noticeable for players with large friends lists. Also, this improves backend stability by significantly reducing backend queries. (Rewrote RefreshFriends to use aggregated GetFriendLeaderboard calls rather than GetPlayerCombinedInfo on each friend)

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug where Hades would crash the game (infinite loop based on a rare race condition; tweaked SummonPet logic to avoid this. Note, I wasn’t able to reproduce this reliably, so if you still experience the crash, please report it).
  • Improved fighter aggro stability (Fixed a bug where your lane would be aggroed multiple times in a single wave, which could cause unintended behavior as well as stability issues in rare cases. Also will improve server performance.)
  • Improved unit removal stability (Fixed a bug where a unit could trigger multiple OnDies events if RemoveUnit was called on an already inactive unit - might improve some stability with mass Hades)
  • Fixed a few cases where summoned pets weren’t cleaned up properly after the round starts (they were spawning a split second after the cleanup ran)

Catch Area

  • Fixed a case where units would wander off (it still happens in other cases though)


Tier 1

Bone Warrior nerf
  • Attack speed: 0.885 -> 0.87
  • Fixed a bug where Brute was inadvertently stopping Bone Warrior’s regeneration

Fire Archer buff nerf
  • Attack speed: 0.91 -> 0.9
  • Fixed a bug where Brute was inadvertently stopping Fire Archer’s regeneration

Dark Mage buff
  • Fixed a bug where Brute was inadvertently stopping Dark Mage’s regeneration

Bone Crusher nerf
  • Health: 1090 -> 1050
  • Fixed a bug where Brute was inadvertently stopping Bone Crusher’s regeneration

Very high usage (38%) Average win rate (50%)

Peewee nerf
  • Health: 320 -> 310

Veteran nerf
  • Stimpack: Bonus attack speed: 110% -> 100%

High usage (30%) Average win rate (50%)

Proton buff
  • Attack speed: 1.25 -> 1.265

Atom buff
  • Attack speed: 1.25 -> 1.265

Low usage (12%) Average win rate (50%)

Consort buff
  • Health: 870 -> 890
  • Damage: 54 -> 55

Low usage (13%) Average win rate (50%)

Tier 2

Aqua Spirit nerf
  • Attack speed: 0.752 -> 0.74

High usage (29%) High win rate (51%)

Zeus nerf
  • Total DPS: 97.6 -> 95.9 – Autoattack DPS: 51.4 -> 42.2 – Power Surge DPS: 46.3 -> 53.7 – Attack speed: 2.7 -> 2.22 – Power Surge: Mana cost: 8 -> 6

Reduced synergy with APS/MPS, shifted power into spell. According to the data, Zeus is overpowered in Mech (because of MPS) but balanced in Mastermind.

Average usage (21%) High win rate (51%)

Tier 3

Windhawk buff
  • Health: 740 -> 760

Violet buff
  • Health: 2040 -> 2100

Low usage (9%) Very low win rate (47%)

Gateguard buff
  • Chaos Hound: Attack speed: 1.06 -> 1.11

Harbinger buff
  • Cerberus: Attack speed: 1.06 -> 1.11

Low usage (8%) Very low win rate (46%)

Tier 4

Grarl nerf
  • Health: 1410 -> 1400
  • Attack speed: 0.813 -> 0.806

Ocean Templar nerf
  • Health: 1800 -> 1750

Very high usage (37%) Average win rate (50%)

Honeyflower buff
  • Health: 1150 -> 1170

Low usage (11%) Low win rate (48%)

MPS nerf
  • Health: 3200 -> 3100
  • Damage: 116 -> 112

Average usage (15%) Very high win rate (53%)

Tier 5

Priestess of the Abyss buff
  • Attack speed: 0.91 -> 0.926

Azeria buff
  • Attack speed: 0.91 -> 0.926

Low usage (13%) Very low win rate (48%)

Doppelganger buff
  • Attack speed: 1.89 -> 2

Low usage (6%) Very low win rate (46%)

Antler buff
  • Attack speed: 0.78 -> 0.8

Whitemane nerf
  • Health: 4250 -> 4200

High usage (29%) Average win rate (50%)

Tier 6

Banana Haven nerf
  • Damage: 55x3 -> 53x3

Very high usage (38%) Average win rate (50%)

Hydra nerf
  • Health: 3000 -> 2700
  • Damage: 180 -> 168
  • Hydraling Health: 1000 -> 900
  • Hydraling Damage: 60 -> 56
  • Health and damage reduction per stack: 20% -> 15%

Eggsack is warping the meta too much. Reducing the reward of having a fully stacked Hydra while also making it less punishing if your Eggsack gets popped early.

Average usage (22%) Very high win rate (53%)


Fiend buff
  • Health: 910 -> 920

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