v2.41: Warg, Lioness, Alpha Male + Public Test Realm

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NEW! Nomad Tier 3



  • Cost: 85 gold + 1 supply
  • Upgrades to: Lioness, Alpha Male
  • Movement type: Ground
  • Health: 860 (Natural)
  • Damage: 49 (Pierce)
  • Attack speed: 0.83
  • Range: 100 (Melee)

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  • Upgrade Cost: 175 gold + 1 supply
  • Movement type: Ground
  • Health: 2350 (Natural)
  • Damage: 134 (Pierce)
  • Attack speed: 0.83
  • Range: 100 (Melee)


Ability: Entourage

Damage and damage reduction are increased by 8% for each adjacently-deployed fighter that is higher value than Lioness (260 value)

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Alpha Male

Alpha Male

  • Upgrade Cost: 200 gold + 1 supply
  • Movement type: Ground
  • Health: 2830 (Natural)
  • Damage: 167 (Pierce)
  • Attack speed: 0.83
  • Range: 100 (Melee)


Has powerful combat stats but damage and damage reduction are decreased by 5% for each adjacently-deployed fighter that is equal or higher value than Alpha Male (285 value)

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NEW! Public Test Realm

We now have a way for players to test patches before they are officially released. Patches will be released to the Public Test Realm (PTR) on the Friday before the official release on Monday. The purpose of the PTR is to test the game for bugs and imbalances and provide feedback.

To play on the PTR:

  • Right-click Legion TD 2 in Steam > Properties > Betas > Set beta to public_test_realm
  • Hit Play
  • Start or join a custom game on the PTR
  • To play again on live servers, you must set beta to NONE

NEW! Updated Translation Workflow

Help translate Legion TD 2

We now have a way to update translations when we add new content or need to fix something. If you see a translation that is wrong or missing in game, you can now edit it, and your new translation will show up the following patch!

If you’re interested in helping, please see the updated Google docs at LegionTD2.com/translate. Thank you to everyone who contributes.

Released but need to be updated:

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Latvian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Castilian)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

Close to complete:

  • Chinese (Simplified)

Game Fixes

Major Fixes

  • Gameplay: Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn’t undeploy a fighter (Reverted a network syncing change from v2.40a that was no longer needed and was causing potential issues)
  • Gameplay: Fixed a bug where Froggo dying last would interfere with determining whether a lane leaked or not (this resulted in incorrect bounty calculations and incorrect catch warping)
  • Matchmaking: Fixed a rare bug where a player would appear to be In Queue, but was actually silently dropped from the queue, leading to infinite queue times (Fixed thread safety for matchmaker step). This fix went live on Oct 24th.

Minor Fixes

  • Loading Screen: Now a little more tolerant of slower loading players (separated failsafe timer into soft failsafe & hard failsafe)
  • Collection Profile: Fixed a bug where card icons were cut off when you scrolled down (workaround by forcing trivial opacity change when using scroll wheel)
  • Buff Rendering: Stacked buffs are now rendered a bit spaced out in time, which should improve overall appearance of stacked buffs
  • Localization: Fixed legion spell message. Also added a few more fields, like +4 income for Mastermind.

Game Updates

NEW: Mercenary & Summon Cards

  • You can now get cards from mercenaries whenever you either (1) kill a mercenary or (2) your mercenary gets a kill
  • You can now get cards from summons when that unit gets a kill
  • New cards: Snail, Giant Snail, Lizard, Dragon Turtle, Brute, Fiend, Hermit, Dino, Safety Mole, Drake, Pack Leader, Mimic, Ogre, Witch, Froggo, Ghost Knight, Four Eyes, Centaur, Shaman, Siege Ram, Kraken, Chaos Hound, Cerberus, Undead Dragon, Imp, Hydraling

NEW! Undo Nighttime Abilities

  • You can now undo Boost, Stimpack, Harden, and Treasure Hunt


  • You can now earn Cards in Casual games
    • Normals: Cards and Trophies
    • Casuals: Cards but not Trophies
    • Customs: Neither


  • Smarter about not massing base T1 or T2s when they shouldn’t
  • When Mech, now prefer to do Berserker start instead of Veteran+Peewee

Client Updates

Chat mutes reenabled

  • Now saves your mutes across sessions (Reenabled this functionality, which was broken before)

Autodeletion of old logs

  • Game client now autodetects if you have a lot of old logs and will ask you if you want to delete them. Does not work for Macs yet.

Improved client notifications

  • Now supports variable icons and URLs (for displaying things like Safety Mode on, monitoring a bug, etc.)

Improved Tooltips

  • Now shows Lifesteal (% + Flat), Damage Reduction (% + Flat), Hp Regen, Mana Regen if you mouseover a unit’s Attack/Defense

Game Balance

King buff
  • Attack speed: 0.9 -> 0.92

Mastermind buff
  • Starting income: 3 -> 4
  • Rerolling still costs -1 income for the first reroll, then -2 for the second
  • Roll logic is now smarter (this decreases the chance of getting a poor roll)
    • Buzz no longer satisfies having magic damage
    • Lord of Death no longer satisfies having pierce damage
    • Lord of Death no longer satisfies having swift/natural defense
    • Bone Warrior no longer satisfies having swift/natural defense
    • Ranger no longer satisfies having swift/natural defense
    • Bazooka no longer satisfies having swift/natural defense
    • Harpy no longer satisfies having swift/natural defense
    • Disciple no longer satisfies having swift/natural defense
    • Priestess of the Abyss now satisfies having accessible arcane defense

With every mastermind roll, you are guaranteed:

  • Between 1-3 tier 1
  • Between 1-3 tier 6
  • At least 1 pierce
  • At least 1 impact
  • At least 1 magic
  • At least 1 swift/natural tank or off-tank
  • At least 1 fortified/natural tank or off-tank
  • At least 1 accessible arcane

Legion Spells

Savior buff
  • Heal: 30% missing health -> 35%

Dark Ritual nerf
  • Gold: 150 -> 145

Investment buff
  • Income: 30 -> 32

Market buff
  • Gold: 35 -> 40

Sorcerer (ManaRegen) buff
  • Now also applies to other sources of mana gain (previously only applied to base regeneration)
    • Necromancy (Head Chef, Hades)
    • Magnetic Accelerator (Zeus)
    • Acrobatics (Harpy, Sky Queen)
    • Intellect (Fire Lord, Fenix, Lord of Death, Hades)
    • Junior/Commercial Fisherman (Angler, Bounty Hunter)

Tier 2

Green Devil buff nerf
  • Lacerate: Damage amplification: 1.5 -> 1.5 (1 against bosses)
  • Damage: 40 -> 41

Sky Queen nerf
  • Damage: 88 -> 86

Tier 3

King Claw buff
  • Health: 4000 -> 4300
  • Damage: 162 -> 145
  • Shell Shock: Mana cost: 13 -> 12

The game needs more true tanks. Shifting King Claw’s power into health to allow it to better be used as a tank.

Leviathan buff
  • Aerial Command: 3 + 10% -> 3 + 12%

Increasing Leviathan’s synergies in Mastermind

Tier 5

Starcaller buff
  • Amplify Magic: Now also applies to other sources of mana gain (previously only applied to base regeneration)
    • Necromancy (Head Chef, Hades)
    • Magnetic Accelerator (Zeus)
    • Acrobatics (Harpy, Sky Queen)
    • Intellect (Fire Lord, Fenix, Lord of Death, Hades)
    • Junior/Commercial Fisherman (Angler, Bounty Hunter)

#### Tier 6

Hydra buff
  • Health: 2700 -> 2790
  • Hydraling: Health: 900 -> 930


Hermit buff
  • Healing Aura: 6 -> 6 + 0.2% (0.1% for bosses) max health

Mimic buff
  • Attack speed: 1.03 -> 1.05


Witch may be too strong, but she’s keeping tier 1 and summoner spam in check, so we’re not nerfing her right now.

Ogre buff
  • Damage: 235 -> 240

Ghost Knight buff
  • Health: 2300 -> 2350

Kraken buff
  • Health: 6500 -> 6600


Metal Dragon (17) buff
  • Health: 3050 -> 3100

Maccabeus (20) nerf
  • Damage: 175 -> 170
  • Now gives partial bounty based on % life with extra bounty for killing it, like Granddaddy

The goal is to discourage suicide strats on wave 20


Small Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the “-bug” command stopped returning the success message
  • Fixed a bug where expensive mercenary icons would sometimes be shown in the mini scoreboard the next game on Wave 1
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a legion spell wasn’t showing the icon


  • King now shoots pumpkins to celebrate Halloween
  • Minor improvements to FairPlay griefing detection

Sky Queen

  • Damage: 86 -> 84


  • Health: 860 -> 880


  • Health: 2350 -> 2410

Alpha Male

  • Health: 2930 -> 3000



  • Fixed a rare case where an enemy creature would spawn at 0 hp (and instantly die)

Minor Fixes

  • Added missing Giant Snail card
  • Fixed some minor localization bugs


  • Minor FairPlay improvements

Text Updates

  • Localization: Updated localization strings (November 5th, 8:22 am pacific time)
  • Tips: Added a tip that explains you can -ff


Lobby v2.0 Testing: With this patch, we will be testing & monitoring some systems that should have no impact on gameplay

Over the past few weeks, we have made a lot of progress on Lobby v2.0, which is a rewrite of the Lobby Server to run on multiple servers rather than a single server. Having multiple lobby servers means the game can handle a much higher playerbase without crashing. This will allow us to run a free-to-play weekend in the future. With v2.42, some of the systems that will be in use for Lobby v2.0 will be live so we can monitor the systems for stability before Lobby v2.0 actually goes live.

Game Fixes

Loading Screen

  • Fixed some cases where a player would be stuck while loading; now automatically reconnects if it is frozen


  • Fixed a bug where repeat offenders were being punished longer than intended
  • Leavers in a Casual game can no longer queue up for a Normal game and vice versa until their current game finishes
  • Minor other improvements & fixes


Harpy nerf
  • Acrobatics: No longer gains mana from movement after entering battle (attacking its first target)

Sky Queen nerf
  • Acrobatics: No longer gains mana from movement after entering battle (attacking its first target)

Kingpin nerf
  • Big Game Hunter: Heals 20% → 12% of target’s max health on kill

Sea Serpent buff
  • Attack speed: 0.92 → 0.95

Deathcap nerf
  • Noxious Scent: 30 + 0.50% (0.25% vs. bosses) → 30 + 0.40% (0.20% vs. bosses)

Priestess of the Abyss nerf
  • Health: 1500 → 1410


Witch nerf
  • The Froggo change makes Witch a bit weaker

Froggo buff nerf
  • Health: 300 → 250
  • No longer degenerates health

Froggos are no longer sniped by high range units like Doomsday, Zeus.


NEW! Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)

  • Legion TD 2 is now translated into simplified and traditional Chinese. The translations are still in beta, but we’re constantly improving them. If you see any mistakes, you can fix the translations at LegionTD2.com/translate, and your changes will show up in the following patch.

Custom Games

  • ”-debug” command now always enabled for the host, even if there are other players present


  • Added “-sell” debug command to force selling/recalling the selected fighter (potentially useful if you experience a bug where the sell button is missing or unclickable)


  • Loading screen rewrite: should be more stable and responsive (variety of changes to loading logic). Also displays what chunk is loading in the top left corner.
  • Hopefully fixed some rubberbanding issues (Reverted some time syncing changes from v2.40a to an older version)
  • Fixed a case where buff vfx would linger behind after a unit died (Reverted buff stacking change, which will make stacked buffs look worse, but more stable)


  • Misc fixes

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