v2.44: Featured Game Modes, Hydra Rework, Bug Fixes

Friday, December 14, 2018 Discuss on the forums

v2.44 banner

NEW! Featured Game Modes

Featured game modes are a new way to play the game with special rules and mechanics. They’re just for fun and will occasionally be enabled on weekends.

The first featured game mode is Chaos Mode, in which you get a random roll (6 new fighters) every wave.

Chaos Mode will be enabled from Friday 12/14 - Sunday 12/16.

Game Updates

- Now throws snowballs

- Fixed animations

Game Balance

Legion Spells

Giant Snail buff
  • Health: 670 -> 690

Lizard Army buff
  • Now also gives +10 mythium

Tier 4

Desert Pilgrim nerf
  • Chain Heal: 140 -> 130
  • Chain Heal: Improved autocast behavior (now less likely to hold on to the spell at full mana)
  • Fixed a bug where Chain Heal would sometimes cast twice
  • Fixed a bug where Chain Heal would sometimes damage a unit with increased max health (Gaia Shield, Hero, etc.)

Lost Chieftain nerf
  • Gaia Shield: 800 -> 700
  • Gaia Shield: Significantly improved autocast behavior (takes into account damage reduction, % health regeneration, the overall tankiness of the unit, and current % health)

Desert Pilgrim/Lost Chieftain released with a 48% win rate, but their win rate has been gradually climbing above 50% as players learn to use them effectively. We’ll be monitoring to see if further nerfs are needed.

Tier 6

Eggsack buff
  • Now satisfies the Natural/Fortified tank requirement for Mastermind
  • If your Eggsack dies, it now immediately spawns a premature Hydra during the wave. Stacks are doubled on the wave it emerges (e.g. if you Eggsack breaks two waves early, it will have 4 stacks of -15% and still the standard 2 stacks on the following wave)

Hydra nerf
  • Damage: 144 -> 120
  • Hydraling: Damage: 48 -> 40


Maccabeus (20) nerf
  • Fixed a case where Maccabeus sometimes focused targets in an incorrect order. It should now focus melee units that attack him first. This makes builds perform more consistently and makes it easier to clear (you can now manipulate aggro better so your tanks are focused before your melee DPS)

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