v3.00: Season 2 Rewards, 4v4 Queue, Bot Difficulties, New Map!

Monday, January 14, 2019 Discuss on the forums

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v3.0 Patch Notes

  • Released on live servers!


  • Fixed a bug where mercenaries were visible to the other team when sent during the day
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible players to build in both middle areas and lanes
  • Misc cosmetic fixes
  • Significantly improved lighting on Very Low graphics settings


  • Various optimizations that should improve performance.
  • Disabled some of in-game messages/notifications in 4v4 for performance and reducing clutter
  • More to come in the future.

NEW! Classic 4v4 Queue

Welcome back, old friend.

4v4 classic queue

We heard your feedback. Instead of limiting 4v4 to custom games, we’ve created a 4v4 queue that uses Speedy Matchmaking (forms a match as soon as possible and shuffles teams based on rating, while preserving parties). Depending on reception and popularity, we’re open to the idea of supporting 4v4 with ratings in the future.

NEW! Desert Ridge 4v4 Map

We designed a brand new map to accompany the return of 4v4!

4v4 map

One of the primary goals of the map is to improve performance, so players don’t crash in the loading screen or experience lag. That’s why the map’s theme is a desert and there aren’t a lot of environment props.

NEW! Play vs. AI Queue

You can now play solo or with friends against a team of bots! Current difficulty options: Easy, Medium, Hard. This queue is great for practicing and for players that prefer a PvE experience.

play vs ai

NEW! Ranked Borders

ranked borders

ranked badges

Season 2 ends on January 14 at 10am PST / 7pm CET. Rewards are based on your peak rating and level, so there’s no risk in playing. For details, check out the Season 3 Announcement. Best of luck in the final few days!

On January 14, all ratings will be soft reset. Rating changes will be disabled until Season 3 officially starts (expected January 28).

NEW! Leaderboards

Leaderboards are now in three categories: Rank, Level, and Collection Value

leaderboards rating

leaderboards legion

leaderboards collection

leaderboards countries

Play Menu Update

Play menu is now separated into Play and Training.


  • Ranked: 2v2 mastermind-only with skill-based matchmaking
  • Classic: 4v4 with speedy matchmaking
  • Featured Game Mode: Special rules and mechanics, enabled occasionally on weekends
  • Custom: For tournaments and in-houses


  • Tutorial: Learn the game
  • Play vs. AI: Play against a team of easy, medium, or hard bots
  • Sandbox: A quick way to create a solo custom game with -debug enabled and 10k resources.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated translations
  • Options Menu now loads instantly when discarding changes
  • Fixed a rare bug where a creep wandering into another player’s lane got lost
  • Fixed a rare bug where a wave would end twice if a Froggo was spawned just as the wave was cleared
  • Fixed a rare bug where a unit getting stuck in a wall would cause the game to become unstable

Game Balance


Mastermind nerf
  • Bonus income: 4 -> 3

With ranked becoming mastermind-only, the extra income isn’t necessary. The 3 income is still in place for rerolling on wave 1.

Legion Spells

Overwork nerf
  • Worker bonus mythium generation on wave 11: +70% -> +60%


Gateguard nerf
  • Chaos Hound: Attack speed: 1.24 -> 1.15

Harbinger nerf
  • Cerberus: Attack speed: 1.24 -> 1.15

The spawn positioning change in v2.44 to Chaos Hound/Cerberus was a significant buff, so these units needs to be nerfed back down

Warg buff nerf
  • Health: 880 -> 970
  • DPS: 42 -> 36
    • Damage: 50 -> 31
    • Attack speed: 0.84 -> 1.18
  • Now satisfies the Mastermind requirement of a fortified/natural tank or offtank

Shifted into the role of an off-tank, faster attack speed, and better damage thresholds during early waves

Lioness buff nerf
  • DPS: 115 -> 114
    • Damage: 134 -> 97
    • Attack speed: 0.85 -> 1.18

Faster attack speed

Alpha Male buff nerf
  • Health: 3000 -> 3300
  • DPS: 143 -> 122
    • Damage: 167 -> 104
    • Attack speed: 0.85 -> 1.18

Shifted into the role of an off-tank and faster attack speed

Desert Pilgrim buff
  • Chain Heal: Improved autocast behavior (now less likely to hold on to the spell at full mana)

Lost Chieftain buff nerf
  • Gaia Shield: Shield: 700 -> 650
  • Gaia Shield: Improved autocast behavior (now more likely to buff melee units over ranged units)
  • Fixed a bug where Lost Chieftain would sometimes fail to cast Gaia Shield, usually on itself

Eggsack nerf
  • Now has more consistent aggro
  • Fixed a bug where breaking Eggsack early would decrease damage and damage reduction by 10% per stack (intended amount is 15% per stack)

This significantly nerfs the strategy of intentionally “sacking” the Eggsack by placing it in front or using it to stall the wave

Hydra buff
  • Health: 3000 -> 3150
  • Hydraling: Health: 1000 -> 1050


Four Eyes buff
  • Health: 2400 -> 2500
  • DPS (without spell): 105 -> 140
    • Damage: 90 -> 70
    • Attack Speed: 1.16 -> 2
  • Death Stare: Damage ramp: 25 -> 5 (this number looks small, but due to the significantly faster attack speed, Death Stare is still about half as strong as before)

Still strong against heavy tanks but is no longer completely neutralized by smaller units. Has very good damage thresholds against base T1 fighters.

Centaur buff nerf
  • Health: 4050 -> 4300
  • Damage: 160 -> 190
  • Cleave: 50% -> 30%

Centaur currently shuts down too many builds and makes certain units (notably Swift/Arcane tanks and lower tier tanks) obsolete late game. Shifting some power from splash to base stats.


Killer Slug (14) buff
  • Spell Resistance: 25% -> 20%

Our next Nomad release is a true arcane tank, which will make wave 14 more manageable

Cardinal (16) buff
  • Health: 1800 -> 1850

This wave is already a bit weak, plus the Centaur change allows units such as Devilfish, Doppelganger, and Fatalizer to more effectively counter wave 16

King Upgrades (coming soon)


  • Expected released on PTR: January 18
  • Expected release on live: January 21

Here’s our current design for king upgrades! We’d love to hear your feedback and any ideas you have.

  • Meant to be a defensive tool, not a replacement for workers
  • Can only be upgraded during the night (build phase)
  • Upgrade pool is shared by all players on your team
  • Generally stronger late game but can also be used situationally early game
    • Upgrading Regeneration if your king takes significant damage early game
    • Upgrading Attack or Spell if you predict taking king damage
    • Using leftover gold to supplement income

Upgrade Attack

  • Cost: 30 gold
  • Number of upgrades: 10
  • Income: +3
  • King: +6% attack speed

Upgrade Regeneration

  • Cost: 40 gold
  • Number of upgrades: 8
  • Income: +4
  • King: +0.05% missing health regeneration per second

Upgrade Spell

  • Cost: 50 gold
  • Number of upgrades: 6
  • Income: +5
  • King: Increases mana gained from auto attacks by 0.25
  • Possible: various spells with unique effects?

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