v3.10: King Upgrades

Friday, January 18, 2019 Discuss on the forums

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v3.10 Patch Notes

  • Released on live servers!

NEW! King Upgrades

King upgrades are a new mechanic to the game and will be available in 2v2, 4v4, featured game modes and custom games!

King Upgrades

King Upgrades

  • You can upgrade as few or as many upgrades as you want
  • Can be upgraded on any wave during the night (build phase)
  • Upgrade pool is shared by all players on your team
  • King upgrades count towards your MVP score (which is just for bragging rights anyway)
  • You will be notified at the start of the following wave when the opposing team upgrades their king
  • King upgrades stack additively

King Upgrade
Upgrade Attack

  • Cost: 15 mythium
  • Number of upgrades: 10
  • Income: +3
  • King: +3% attack speed

Upgrade Regen
Upgrade Regeneration

  • Cost: 20 mythium
  • Number of upgrades: 8
  • Income: +4
  • King: +0.03% missing health regeneration per second (resets pillage gold)

Upgrade Spell
Upgrade Spell

  • Cost: 25 mythium
  • Number of upgrades: 6
  • Income: +5
  • King: Increases area of effect spell damage by 15%

Game Improvements & Fixes


  • New leaderboard: Peak Rating (peak rating this season)
  • Overall level added to Level leaderboard


  • Bots: Fixed a case where sometimes bots wouldn’t build (added a failsafe to handle the case where they try to build in a blocked position)

Quality of Life

  • Dual Building: Grid lines now disappear for your lane if you build mid and vice versa
  • Dual Building: Scoreboard now shows averaged mythium per 10 sec
  • Ranked: Now skips legion select screen
  • VFX: Fixed a bug where visual effects would sometimes be the wrong size, especially with units that got bigger from being buffed
  • Interface: Now grays out “Upgrade Supply” if you can’t afford it
  • Interface: Added small triangular arrows to show where tabs expand
  • Interface: A few other misc improvements

4v4 map

  • Reduced dust effect, which will make things look less glitchy at normal zooms


  • Fixed a bug with Saving Mythium where the wave didn’t end properly (due to a failsafe from a previous patch)

Post-Game Stats

  • Now shows king upgrades and how many workers you had when the wave spawned

Game Balance

King Base Stats red_arrow.png

  • Attack speed: 0.92 -> 0.87
  • Health regeneration: 0.5/sec -> 0
  • Area of effect damage: 66 scaling to 1543 -> 57 scaling to 1342

Pyro buff
  • Damage: 32 -> 33

Dual Building in 4v4 green_arrow.png red_arrow.png

  • You can now build in the four corners of the middle area
  • The following abilities now only affect a maximum of 20 units, which is functionally only a nerf to dual building
    – Pyro’s Pyromancy
    – Honeyflower’s Fragrance
    – Deathcap’s Noxious Scent
    – King Claw’s Shell Shock
    – Millennium’s Explosive Shells
    – Doomsday Machine’s Detonation

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