v3.10c: Early Game King Upgrade Buffs

Thursday, February 14, 2019 Discuss on the forums

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  • We’ve postponed the Unity Upgrade due to third-party issues (VFX solution caused crashes). This was a tough call because the upgrade has taken ~200 hours of dev time, but we cannot wait any longer for things out of our control. Once the third-party issues are resolved, we’ll re-prioritize the Unity Upgrade and will let you know when this happens.
  • We’re currently doing some workflow improvements, which will automate the patch deploy process, reduce the chance of bugs, and reduce conflicts that arise when multiple engineers work on the codebase.
  • ETA for v3.11 is 225, though we’re hoping we can release the patch late next week. You can at least expect patch notes next week.

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v3.10c Patch Notes

  • Released on live servers!

This is just a mini patch to address some emergent balance concerns. The goal is to make king upgrades feel better early game. We have other improvements planned in the future, as well as a content patch (v3.11) on the way.

The reason we couldn’t do this earlier is technical limitations. Sorry we’ve dropped the ball here. We’re learning from our mistakes and doing our best.

NEW! King Upgrades

King upgrades are a new mechanic to the game and will be available in 2v2, 4v4, featured game modes and custom games!

King Upgrades

King Upgrade
Upgrade Attack green_arrow.png

  • Income: +3 -> +4

Upgrade Regen
Upgrade Regeneration green_arrow.png

  • Cost: 20 -> 15
  • Regeneration: 0.02% -> 0.015%
  • Number of upgrades: 8 -> 10

Upgrade Spell
Upgrade Spell green_arrow.png

  • Cost: 25 -> 15
  • Damage: 15% -> 10%
  • Income: +5 -> +4
  • Number of upgrades: 6 -> 10


Doppelganger buff
  • Health: 3500 -> 3600

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