v4.03c: Targeting & Mastermind Improvements

Thursday, August 29, 2019 Discuss on the forums

Chaos Cup

Last chance to sign up for the Chaos Cup! 21 teams signed up already.

Saturday Schedule:

  • Check-in: 8:30am PST (5:30pm CEST) at tournament-checkin[discord.gg]
  • Games: 8:45am - 12pm PST (5:45pm - 9pm CEST)


  1. Start the game, and join a private lobby with your teammate by typing /join team name (e.g. /join Snail Kings) in Global Chat
  2. Type /signup while in the private lobby

Signing up is free, and there are no rating requirements. Every player that fully participates will be awarded a Mystery Card, which you reveal to get a random collectible card that can also be used as an avatar. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will receive an exclusive gold, silver, or bronze in-game badge.

Pathing & Targeting

  • Fixed a case where a unit would get stuck in mobs
  • Waves and mercenaries now prioritize units based on missing life, rather than missing % life. This helps tanks properly take aggro in some situations
  • Waves and mercenaries now use tower placement as a tie-breaker when acquiring a target. This means that if you build a Mudman ahead of a Nightmare, the wave will prefer to focus the Mudman, all else equal. The Nightmare will still draw aggro if it previously took more damage or if an enemy creature/mercenary is closer when it’s acquiring a target.
  • Tanks mercenaries should be less likely to cause your melee DPS units to die before your tanks, especially on ranged waves and boss waves.

These changes don’t magically make all your DPS units survive, but they help in some cases. Proper positioning is still very important.


  • Increased the probability of getting rolls with magic and impact damage
  • Decreased the probability of getting too many rolls with pierce damage

This change compensates for the fact that pierce is the most common type of damage, especially among DPS units. Going forward, we’re making an effort to balance out frequencies of attack/defense types, including more magic and impact damage and more swift tanks.

Fixes & Improvements

Classic Matchmaking
- If a player has been waiting longer than 5 minutes, it will now fill with bots. This fixes some cases during off-hours where it would take a very long time to find a match.

- Fixed a rare case where a mercenary would spawn with 0 hp

- Tweaked UI to be more clear that only the first two tutorials are required to play multiplayer

- Updated

Game Balance

Legion Spells

Pawn Shop buff
  • Gold gain: 75 -> 80


Fire Elemental buff
  • Damage: 37 -> 35
  • Combustion: Damage: 40 -> 45

Infiltrator nerf
  • Shuriken: Damage: 40 -> 35

Orchid nerf
  • Shuriken: Damage: 40 -> 35

Ocean Templar nerf
  • Resonance: Heal: 15 + 1.5% missing health -> 10 + 2% missing health

Hades buff
  • Starting mana: 55 -> 60


Quill Shooter (11) buff - Damage: 65 -> 67

Quadrapus (15) nerf
  • Quadrapus: Damage: 115 -> 112
  • Giant Quadrapus: 460 -> 448

v4.03a/b Hotfixes

  • King now has 17% more health on wave 10 (other waves untouched)
  • Maccabeus: Damage: 150 -> 155
  • Legion Lords: Health: 7500 -> 7750
  • Legion King: Health: 30000 -> 31000
  • Buffed the king’s attack speed on waves 6-9 for 2x Chaos mode only
  • Decreased wave 1 prep time by 30 seconds for 2x Chaos mode only
  • [MVP] now uses the old formula. This takes into account leak value, opponent leak value, and other factors, which should make it more accurately determine if you played well. Note that this means sometimes the MVP will be different than the most fed player (highest Power Score).
  • Added Avg % Leaked to post-game stats
  • Matchmaking is now faster if fewer players are online (Rating tolerance now expands a bit if fewer players are online)
  • Added a notification after you invite someone to a custom game
  • Dark Mage is now smarter about not over-prioritizing buffing Berserker on earlier waves

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