v4.04: Leak Ratio Stat & QoL Improvements

Friday, September 6, 2019 Discuss on the forums

New Stat: Leak Ratio

In-game scoreboard and post-game stats now show Leak Ratio, which is the number of waves you caused a significant leak (33%+) vs. the number of waves you leaked significantly

For example, a leak ratio of 52 means you caused your opponent to leak significantly on 5 waves, while you only leaked significantly on 2 waves.

The goal is to give positive feedback when making your opponent leak and give negative feedback when you leak.

New Feature: Saving & Loading Builds

  • Type “-save” during any game to save your build as a line of text
  • Type “-load” (in sandbox or after typing -debug in a custom game) to bring up a popup. Then paste the text and press confirm. Your saved build will be automatically built.
  • You can also use these commands to share builds/positioning with other players

Fixes & Improvements

Chaos Cup - Assets added - Rewards will be distributed this patch

Bots - Now smarter about placing Antler/Whitemane and Grarl/Ocean Templar

Play Again button (in post-game screen) - Fixed a bug where it would lock you out of queue if you pressed it too quickly - Fixed a bug where it would accidentally show up for parties

Post-game stats - Now has a graph for player income per wave

Rolls - Fixed a bug where you could deploy fighters while still picking your roll - Disabled training workers while picking your initial roll (to prevent misclicks)

Matchmaking - Estimated queue time is more accurate now - Ranked: Now expands rating tolerance slightly if you’re waiting in queue for a long time - Classic: Tweaked so that the number of fill bots allowed increases gradually over time and maxes out at 4 fill bots, rather than spiking to up to 7 fill bots

Game Balance

Legion Spells

We’re nerfing some of the OP/staple spells and buffing some interactive spells, which are too niche right now

Dark Ritual nerf
- Damage to king: 15% of current health -> 20% of current health

Lizard Army nerf
- Mythium gain: 20 -> 25

Loan nerf
- Income: -32 -> -34

Pawn Shop buff
- Sellback: 85% -> 90%

Everything is a delicacy now

Protector nerf
- Protection Aura: 2 flat damage reduction + 10 regen -> 2 flat damage reduction + 8 regen

Vampire nerf
- Vampirism Aura: Lifesteal & Spellvamp: 20% -> 18%


Proton buff nerf
- Attack speed: 1.25 -> 1.11
- Ionic Force: 1% damage per mana -> 20% attack speed per 10 mana

Atom buff nerf
- Attack speed: 1.25 -> 1.11
- Ionic Force: 1% damage per mana -> 20% attack speed per 10 mana

Goal is to better reward players for keeping Protons/Atoms alive and utilizing the spell, while still allowing them to be early-game off tanks if desired

Kingpin buff nerf
- Damage: 240 -> 200
- Elite Fisherman: 1 damage per mana -> 2 damage per mana

Make Kingpin great again

Leviathan buff
- Aerial Command: Damage: 4 + 15% -> 5 + 15%

Disciple buff nerf
- Health: 1240 -> 1200
- NEW: Intellect: Restores 15% mana on kill

Starcaller buff nerf
- Health: 3100 -> 3000
- NEW: Intellect: Restores 15% mana on kill

Goal is to make Disciple a viable opening and generally buff Disciple/Starcaller, so they can be leveraged more with other mana users

Whitemane buff nerf
- Health: 4400 -> 4300
- Council: Damage reduction: 5 + 15% -> 5 + 15% (25% for Antlers)

Goal is to make Antler more viable mid and late game, rather than being a one-trick pony (upgrading into Whitemane)

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