v4.06: Game Balance, AI Improvements

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We’re proud to now be partnered with Humble Bundle. An awesome opportunity to introduce the game to a friend.

Sign-up for the Masters Cup V is now open! You may sign up as a team or individually. The first 80 players to sign up will be guaranteed a spot; the rest will be on a waitlist. $500 prize pool and badges for winners, and mystery cards for all participants. See the official tournament thread for details.

The next featured game mode is 2x Chaos with the following rule changes:

  • Random roll (6 new fighters) every wave
  • Waves have 2x the number of spawns
  • Start with 300 gold instead of 250

Reminder that season 4 ends in one month. Ranked rewards are based on your peak rating in season 4. You are not penalized for dropping below a tier you already achieved.

v4.06 Patch Notes

Fixes & Improvements

- Now smarter about not undervaluing if they are weak on future waves
- Now smarter about using aura fighters
- Fixed a bug where bots would hire duplicate aura mercenaries if a player pinged them to (now they will limit themselves to one of each aura at most)
- Easy bots (Play vs. AI) are now easier. The AI improvements we’ve been doing made Easy bots too difficult for new players

Post-game stats
- MVP Score: Fixed a bug where it was considering your opponent’s leaks caught % instead of your own
- Clicking the game ID now copies it to the clipboard
- Added a ‘Report player’ button that automatically starts a Report Player forum thread with the game ID and player name


The best way to report a player is in-game via the tab scoreboard. This gives much more accurate data compared to reporting after the game. So this change is mainly a QoL feature if you forgot to report in-game.

- Increased leaver penalty for causing game ties
- Added -4 rating penalty for both players if a duo causes a game tie (to prevent an abuse case)
- Reduced penalty for a reported griefer if the team wins the game

- Improved stability, implemented auto-reconnect, and added monitoring so we can quickly tell if issues are widespread

- Fixed a bug where queueing many workers with high income wouldn’t train all of them

- Fixed some lag with higher latency connections

Unit bug fixes
- Guardian Angel now properly transfers buff stacks for Lioness and Alpha Male
- Protection Aura now properly heals units in the holding area when the gate is closed

Data tracking
- We are now tracking data on “suicide” strategies, where one player doesn’t build, to evaluate if it’s a problem (particularly in lower-rated games)

Game Balance

We’re intentionally keeping the balance changes light to avoid over-disrupting the game before the season end.

Legion Spells

Investment green_arrow.png
- Income: 32 -> 34


This patch, we’re sharing balance data. Let us know if you like that approach.

First, some context:
- We strive to make the game fun for all players but generally balance around high-rated games
- Data is important, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s a lot we consider in the background.
- For fighters, two important pieces are data are pick rate and win rate
-- Pick rate is the probability a player picks a fighter, given it’s in their roll. High pick rate can mean new or fun, but it often means high versatility and power, especially among competitive players who are playing to win. The average pick rate of a fighter is 60% (6 picks out of 10 rolls).
-- Win rate is the probability a player wins, given they picked a fighter. The average win rate of a fighter is 50%.

Proton green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.08 -> 1.02
- Ionic Force: 20% attack speed per stack -> 25%

Atom green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.08 -> 1.02
- Ionic Force: 20% attack speed per stack -> 25%

Pick rate: 51%
Win rate: 48.1%

Bone Warrior red_arrow.png
- Health: 140 -> 130

Dark Mage green_arrow.pngred_arrow.png
- Health: 550 -> 500
- Damage: 39 -> 38
- Max mana: 20 -> 21 (we forgot Dark Mage in our last round of spell-casting improvements)

Pick rate: 86%
Win rate: 51.4%

Green Devil
- DPS: Unchanged
-- Damage: 47 -> 48
-- Attack speed: 1.33 -> 1.3

Now perfectly 2-shots wave 3, which should open up Green Devil as a viable opening

Zeus green_arrow.pngred_arrow.png
- Total DPS: 92.5 -> 93.3
-- Attack speed: 2.13 -> 2.56
-- Power Surge: Damage: 100 -> 75

Shifting Zeus into a ranged impact damage dealer, since that’s a fairly unique identity

Pick rate: 60%
Win rate: 48.5%

Fire Elemental green_arrow.png
- Damage: 35 -> 33
- Combustion: Damage: 45 -> 50

Pick rate: 53%
Win rate: 48.9%

Harpy green_arrow.png
- Health: 230 -> 240
- Attack speed: 0.79 -> 0.81

Sky Queen green_arrow.png
- Health: 1320 -> 1350
- Damage: 88 -> 89

Pick rate: 35%
Win rate: 48.6%

Infiltrator red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.08 -> 1.05

Orchid red_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.08 -> 1.05

Pick rate: 81%
Win rate: 52.3%

Leviathan green_arrow.pngred_arrow.png
- Health: 2350 -> 2150
- Aerial Command: Damage aura: 5 + 15% -> 6 + 18%

Leviathan isn’t weak, but giving it a more powerful aura makes it more interesting and gives it a stronger identity

Pick rate: 39%
Win rate: 50%

Canopie red_arrow.png
- Damage: 155 -> 150

Pick rate: 86%
Win rate: 52.1%

Alpha Male green_arrow.png
- Health: 3370 -> 3400
- Damage: 101 -> 103

Making Alpha Male more alpha

Pick rate: 44%
Win rate: 49.8%

Lost Chieftain
- Gaia Shield now prefers to target units with Guardian Angel as well as evasion (Yozora/Arctaire)
- Gaia Shield will now consider targets with low health if they have regeneration

Ocean Templar red_arrow.png
- Damage: 160 -> 155

Pick rate: 92%
Win rate: 51.1%

Yozora red_arrow.png
- Health: 1200 -> 1170
- Damage: 50 -> 47

Arctaire red_arrow.png
- Health: 3320 -> 3270
- Damage: 142 -> 131

Pick rate: 91%
Win rate: 52.6%

Fatalizer green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 1.3 -> 1.33

Pick rate: 61%
Win rate: 47.8%

Lord of Death green_arrow.png
- Undead Dragon: Health: 600 -> 700

Hades green_arrow.png
- Imp: Health: 1200 -> 1300

Pick rate: 39%
Win rate: 48%


Four Eyes green_arrow.png
- Attack speed: 0.5 -> 0.52

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