v5.02: Chaos & Hybrid Builders

Monday, January 13, 2020 Discuss on the forums


NEW! Chaos & Hybrid Builders

  • Chaos and Hybrid are now permanently selectable in all non-ranked games for players level 5+
  • When playing Hybrid, towers now sell back for 80%, instead of 60%. Eggsack sells back for 95%. Also, Hybrid T3-T6 now cost less gold.
  • You can dual build with any combination of Mastermind, Chaos, and Hybrid builders

NEW! Legion Spell Pool

Legion spells are now divided into classes, then randomized, to ensure more interesting choices. Each of the following combinations occurs with 20% probability:

  • 1 defensive, 2 offensive
  • 1 defensive, 1 offensive, 1 scaling
  • 1 defensive, 2 scaling
  • 2 defensive, 1 offensive
  • 2 defensive, 1 scaling

In addition, spells very similar to each other like All Out Assault and Press The Attack, or Savior, Allowance, and Sacrifice, are now mutually exclusive. For example, if Press The Attack is rolled, All Out Assault cannot be rolled.


  • Defensive: Allowance, Dark Ritual, Guardian Angel, Loan, Pawn Shop, Protector, Sacrifice, Savior, Vampire, Villain
  • Offensive: All Out Assault, Giant Snail, Lizard Army, Overwork, Press the Attack
  • Scaling: Creditor, Embargo, Investment, Hero, Magician, Sorcerer, Venture

Game Fixes & Improvements

Game Balance

  • Soul Gate & Hell Gate no longer immediately pull lane aggro (they now behave like most fighters)
  • Soul Gate & Hell Gate changed from Pure/Immaterial to Magic/Natural. This is to communicate what waves they are strong/weak against, but it shouldn’t affect their balance much. The attack/defense types of the spawns (Hellion and Nightcrawler) are unchanged.
  • Lost Chieftain is now slightly more likely to buff Wileshroom, Canopie, Fire Lord, Fenix, and units with Protector

Quality of Life

  • Added a search bar for looking up other players’ profiles
  • No more worker queue limit. Also, queued worker timers are now more accurate.
  • Profile fighter stats for upgraded fighters now displays the pick rate of the base fighter (instead of 0%)
  • Tutorial mission complete/incomplete popups now use new Victory/Defeat popups & music
  • Post-game builds tab now shows leak percents instead of leak values
  • Fixed sound when party member initiates matchmaking
  • Fixed a bug where hotkeys would be still active when typing an in-game player report
  • Fixed a visual bug when dual building where players would individually leak, when they should instead leak/clear together
  • Fixed a bug where match history match countries were shown incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where match history did not show rating changes due to losses
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug with Mark Target


  • Bots are less likely to over-push workers on waves 16+

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